Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Time for a loooot of posts!

Oh boy, it's been a month since my last post already?! I knew I was way behind, but didn't realize it was that long ago already. Ah well, what can I say. Life got in the way and I didn't have the energy for updates.
One of the most recent things I did was help out in the shelter on World Animal Day, they held an open day, which included things like the animal ambulance, the animal police, the vet, dog trainer information shows, and me giving info on fostering :) I made a little vid which was on repeat behind me all day, it includes pics and a few vids from a couple of the foster homes.

Right, back to the current cuties! Toby and Belle are doing excellent, they're huge and adorable, cuddly and absolutely crazy :D Last time I weighed them was about a week ago, and Toby was close to 1300 gram, the day after he arrived he was 299 gram if I'm remembering correct. I have loads of pics, but I'm not gonna post them by date, I'll post them by subject. Starting with those 2 on the couch! Some blurry pics, but as always, some are taken by phone, some by camera (and then I don't always have or take the time to fix the settings).

Belle being all cute on the couch

Ehm, Toby?

What are you doing! :O

Belle was sleeping here, and Toby was really tired but he just wouldn't give in! So he kept snoozing while sitting up straight, then almost fell over, then he sat up quickly again with his eyes open. Rinse and repeat :D I tried to make a vid of it, but ofc, he gave in after that and fell asleep. But it'll at least give an idea :)

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