Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Everything is a toy when you're a kitten!

That includes pocket tissues, right Toby?

And the camera...

Yep, tails too!

I think this is one of my favorite photos of Belle :) She has this typical Belle look on her face, where I'm not sure what's next, playing or rushing towards me for cuddles? (It was cuddles in this case!) If you look at her chin, you'll see she just drank some water :O I think she drops her chin in the water, and she drinks with funny sounds!

Belle snoozing on my desk, Toby was more after some cuddles

Belle opened her eyes and came to me for cuddles as well

She was purring here, although I can't say she looks so friendly, lol!

So weird how cats can look different on a photo than in real life, I think Toby somehow looks a little more friendly in reality :)

Right, unless I can't resist attempting another photoshoot later, this'll be my last post for a while. Yet another successful fostering story! :)

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