Friday, July 19, 2013

Noomi got adopted!

I'm a bit behind with posting, because Noomi actually moved back to the shelter last week and got adopted earlier this week :D I prefer to have kittens adopted from my house, so they won't have to go back to the shelter. But as I told the shelter before, my cat Bindi has cancer and when her situation gets worse, I don't want to have any kittens around, so I have all the time for her. Unfortunately her tumor is growing quite fast, and while Noomi was here, I discovered a new tumor. Bindi's the kind of cat that puts herself on the last spot, so if I'm cuddling her and another cat comes by, she'll back away. As you can imagine, that doesn't work so well with a very active kitten around! :kitten And because the shelter didn't have so many kittens there (most are at fosterhomes), I decided to take her back so I can cuddle my Bindi even more. And luckily little Nomnom didn't have to wait long, she got adopted within a week! :D Anyway, I still have loads of pictures to share, so here they are :)

She discovered the basket under the table, all my cats love it and so did Noomi!

The basket was also a fun place to play, poke the table...

...or my feet, ouch! :O

Another basket she started to enjoy more :)

Together with her big friend on the scratchingpole

The Kong Kickeroo started to get some attention as well!

And so did the activityboard, but that thing never made any sense to her :O

Outside with Dew, and as usual, whatever he drinks she wanted too

All kittens seem to love this hanging basket and Nom was no exception

Dew was relaxing in his cathouse, but even there she had to bug him! ^_^

Here she was at the shelter, she thought it was all pretty scary. We placed a piece of cloth that I brought in the cardboard box, so it would smell familiar, and it didn't take long before she met the other cats in that room. They weren't loving her straight away though, and she clearly didn't feel so happy there :( But within a day or two I heard she was doing fine there, and when I wanted to check on her a few days later (so I would have a better last memory), she actually got adopted that morning! So I haven't seen her anymore, but I'm of course very happy that she found her home so quickly! :D

This blog will be quiet for a while again, because I don't know how it'll go with Bindi from here on. Right now she seems pretty stable, but I know those tumors can grow like mad again all of a sudden, so I'm just enjoying the time I got left with her, and kittens will come again someday in the future.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dew and Noomi on the couch

Dewey was snoozing on the couch when Noomi started to cuddle with his tail (always that tail... :O). Dew then decided to wash her, but it didn't take long before Nom's cuddly mood changed into a playful mood!

She got a bit too enthousiastic here with her claws and teeth, making Dewdew wonder what she was doing there...

After that, Dew quickly had enough and moved to the other side of the couch, but then Noomi thought it was now time to wash him :L Dew on the other hand wasn't so sure about that, afterall, he's the big one in charge! Noomi found a good solution for that big cat that kept trying to wash her instead, and went to lie on top of him, clever little girl :O

Dewey was sleepy and he secretly did enjoy it, so there were moments when he just let her...

... but also moments when he felt the need to correct that little one

It ended in a "fight" where they fell behind the cushens and sleepy Dew got up, looking all surprised, lol!

Oh how I love seeing how Dew is with the kittens, he's so great with them! ^_^