Thursday, October 11, 2012

Catnip, valerian & matatabi

Little dreamer Naeva :L

"Look! I have a red paw!"

Amin discovered the smelly toys. First the Kickeroo (catnip)

His sister came to have a look as well. She's bigger than the others (and has those adorable big fluffy paws), but here she looks a lot bigger than she really is :)

Amientje then found the matatabi stick. My cats don't fully get that chewing it helps, but he got that straight away!

Yse came to sniff it as well

Naeva liked it too, that Amin was attacking her didn't matter, mmm matatabi!

And lastly Amientje had fun with a valerian pillow as well :O

Bright stripes and orange edge on his ears <3

I'm sure it's clear which ones of the 4 are best at modelling :)

It's all going fine with them, Ysera stays a bit scared but improves little bit by bit. Tara is oh so cute - whenever she feels like it! ^_^ They've all been downstairs several times since Friday which already went well with Amin and Naeva. Tara found it all pretty scary until big brother showed that curtains are great fun! >.< I have inbetweens, so they can see very well that something is moving behind them... at the moment my curtains are hanging in a knot away from them, haha. Ysera quickly went behind the fridge, but after a while she saw the others were having a good time and came as well. Some canned food and she felt a lot better downstairs already. Both Yse and Tara think I'm great in their room (Tara can really get over the top cuddly with my face, adorable :L which is also used to charm me into opening their door!), but as soon as these 2 get more space I become a bit more scary again. Picking them up is getting less and less scary and coming to me isn't a problem at all, so they'll get there :)

Bindi is doing great, she occasionally hisses at them but she chats to me as well, and likes to sit at a distance and just look at those little ones. When she had enough she just leaves. Sue lets them know very well that she won't tolerate them anywhere near her, if a growl doesn't have the wanted reaction she slaps fast. But luckily those little ones are clever and fast and they usually get the message before it comes to that (of course none of them gets hurt, and it's good that they learn that not every cat likes them). Unfortunately it's Dewey that's causing problems now and I keep him and the kittens separated at the moment, which he understandably disagrees with. But he keeps pinning them down harshly while making nasty sounds, when the kittens avoid him and try to run away he just goes after them. So keeping them separated for a little bit, see if that helps getting him calmer again, also because I don't want to take any risk with Ysera.


Well... I wrote earlier that I'd keep them separated, but when I just sat with the kittens in their room Dewey was meowing sadly on the other side of the door. So ok ok, give it a go again then. And he behaved perfect! They were all playing with his tail, he didn't even look at them, he was too busy sniffing things. At one point he did correct one, which was gentle and good, he could've done that a lot earlier if you ask me! So I'll keep them separated outside their room and slowly let them all adjust. I think Dew and I are both a bit confuzed now, but ok :P

I also made a whole bunch of pics, will go through them tomorrow or so but here's one already. She's not fully recovered yet, but what a difference already <3

I originally posted this on a forum on Sunday, July 15. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.