Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Checking out the scratching pole

Toby was the first to get to the top part of the scratching pole

He was a bit more hesitant back then, Belle was the brave one, but it seems that's changing more and more!

I put Belle up there with him

She didn't doubt about that toy mouse :)

Poking each other through the fabric, so much fun! :O Belle is on the outside here

At some point she was playing, turned to me and... went skydiving >.< She was fine though! Cats and kittens can be surprisingly tough, but geez, that spooked me!!

Belle with the toy, Toby attacking her through the fabric

And here's a vid of them playing up there. I held my hand nearby, to make sure that little fuzzball wouldn't fall again! Usually kittens learn fast, but Belle played so enthousiastic and carefree, I didn't want to take any risks :) Took her a few days but luckily no more falling, then she became more careful.

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