Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My attempt at a little fotoshoot...

... and it failed horribly, haha! Belle sat on my chair like a little model, being all cute and fluffy, but of course when I wanted to change the settings on my camera (bad light in the room and the colors were off), she started to move. So nevermind those settings, lets go for it! Yeah, that didn't work out as planned :O

These photos were unfortunately overexposed, I tried to fix them a little, but I still have a lot to learn when it comes to such things! To give you an idea, the chair is more grey.

Nevermind the colors, this pics turned out okay I think, at least she sits still! :D

But then, Toby joined. And it all quickly went downhill from there... xD

Hi, Belle :O

'Come on kittens, pose for the camera! :) ' ... ehhh... that's not posing!

Maybe sit cute next to each other? Nope, you gotta chase a tail, I understand.

Toby showing off his stripes!

Belle's eyes are now more green with still a hint of blue, while Toby's look yellow with a green circle around his pupil :)

Shiny black fur! :D

Oh oh, those tails...

Toby went for the tent...

While Belle was aiming for the camera...

Yep, a camera is fun to slap as well it seems :P

Hi, Toby :O

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