Thursday, August 10, 2017


Oh my, it's been a while! There's one kitten that unfortunately never made it onto the blog - she didn't stay for long and I was incredibly busy at that time. It's been over a year, and I hope to get some more time for fostering in the near future, so time for an update. I can't fully recall the story, and I'm afraid I have no idea where I stored the other pics of her, but so be it.

Last year the shelter contacted me if I could come to the shelter and take some photos of another foster home's kittens while they were there for their vet visit. Those 4 turned out to be a little bit less friendly than expected, especially 2 of them introduced themselves to the vet in a not so nice way ;-) Not long after, the shelter and their foster home decided it was best to split them up, in the hopes of getting them socialised faster. I picked up one of those 2 and eventually named her Tally.

She showed me quickly that she knows how to hiss and growl, but with my secret weapon (Dewey!) it didn't take long before I could pet her. I'm sure it doesn't come as a surprise that Dew was in for the food...

Dewey was a great help as always, almost as if he sensed what was needed for me to help her ♥ The next day I could pet her while he wasn't near.

 And the day after she carefully came out of the bench. The bench was her safe spot, but she was oh so eager to start discovering the rest of the house. However, she wasn't nearly social enough to allow her that much freedom, so I moved her upstairs, to the kittenroom.

But then... unfortunately Dew did not approve of Tally, and he got really frustrated and nasty to her. Long story short, she couldn't stay. Tally moved yet again, this time to a foster home that had 2 kittens of their own, which she learned a lot from. Eventually she got adopted and all turned out well! I have some ideas as to why Dew acted like that, but I'm not fully sure of course. If I'd foster again, I'd start with smaller kittens. She was older already and I guess that was one of the factors that didn't help.

With that said, Dew is a single cat now. A couple of months ago, I had to say goodbye to my dearest Sue. I'm not going into details about that now, it wasn't the kind of goodbye that I'd hoped for her and I miss her. But when it comes to fostering, since Dew is the king of the house now, I don't know if he'll approve of those little intruders. Ah well, if I'd foster again, time will tell. So long for now!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

New owners for Toby and Belle, yay!

Last Wednesday a family visited the kittens, and I think they fell in love with them straight away :) Toby and Belle were a little shy, especially at first, but their curiosity won them over and they walked towards us when we came in. I gave the kids toys and they started to play straight away, and I think they'll end up playing a lot with them, which is great! I usually don't share too much about those visits, and I'm not gonna do that now either, but I'm happy with this match :D They'll move tomorrow, and I do expect them to take that move bad at first, so I hope the kids can have just a liiiittle more patience before they can play a lot with them, haha! I do feel sorry for T&B to move once again, it hurts to know that they have no clue what's up and that I'll have to cage them and then the trip and all that, but the excitement of their new owners really helps a lot :) So I'm trying to think of that, and will spoil them a little extra today! This might be one of the most intense fostering that I've done, simply because I've had them for so long, they started so tiny and it's a special bond you get then, and then the move back again. If I didn't have cats, they probably would've stayed :)

They still enjoy the tent, but photographing them playing in it is a little tricky :O

Hmm, play or snooze?

Play of course! :D

Belle found out she can sit on the fountain, and drinks like that, haha!

And they can drink together like this as well!

But unfortunately them wanting to drink together gave me quite a scare! >.< I have a small bowl of water in the window sill to help with the humidity when the heater is on. That little bowl is also appreciated by the cats, to drink from, and I've had it there for a long time now (since last fall/winter I'd say). Most kittens also like it, and I've placed it in a corner, so it's not in their way when playing in the window and such. But sometimes kittens point out stuff that isn't fully safe in your house, that you simply didn't think of, and Toby and Belle did exactly that when they tried to drink from it together. The bowl fell down, right onto my router, and the water splattered all over the place including a bunch of wires and even on an extension lead. Holy ***! :o Luckily the extension lead was on its side, but geez, that spooked me so badly! And then those 2 wanted to 'help' me with cleaning while I wasn't sure what was going on there yet, besides a lot of water and electrical wires >.< I feel so stupid about that happening and still get a bit icky inside from just thinking of what could've happened there :| Anyway, let's not dwell on that, but needless to say, there won't ever be another water bowl anywhere near that area.

The top of my router looks like mesh, and all the water that landed on it just leaked out on the bottom again, which obviously didn't look too good :P The lights all started to flash on and off, I lost my connection and I of course unplugged it, but the thought of no internet... So later on I plugged it in again, but it didn't do a thing. I called my provider and they'd send a new one, but the next day I couldn't resist and plugged it in again... and it worked! :o Standing near the heater must've done the trick, but I doubt it'll last long though, so I'm glad with the new one on the way. In the mean time, hooray for internet :O

Right, let's leave that scary subject and go back to cute kitten pics, shall we? Here's Toby and Belle in the basket that their previous owners gave, it'll move with them to their new owners now as well, together with the blankets and such that I got them. It's a nice thought that they'll have some familiar stuff with them :)

Toby's eyes are really yellow now (with a bit of green around the pupil), especially at some angles, but my camera wasn't set properly so they show a little pale here.

Belle has more green/blue eyes, they're alike yet so different!

And Belle's blotched tabby pattern is standing out more now as well, at some angles they look black, but when the light hits them, there's clearly a little tabby pattern going on there :)

Toby showing off his cute belly!

Belle joined me for cuddles while Toby cuddled with the basket

And while I took a few pics of him, Belle looked along from my shoulder :D

I think this'll be the last T&B post, but who knows, I might grab my camera later after all :) Either way, it's been a long journey with them, and I really, really hope they'll adjust fast at their new home tomorrow and will be living awesome lives there. They'll be missed <3

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Yes, the couch and blanket are still there as well :)

Lots of Toby-on-the-blanket pics incoming! His nose was slightly damaged when he returned, which these photos show a little better. I think he tried to push through the door of the cage when he returned, it looks like that at least.

Belle wanted to join for snoozes, but Toby grabbed her with both paws. He ment it playful, but it looked like he gave her a bearhug, aww!

Slacky poking Belle, when she went to sit in the window

When I looked back at these pics I noticed they were a little blurry near the center...

Turns out I had a kitten noseprint on my lens, oops! Very charming here Belle, sniffing Toby like that :O

You can see that Belle is still the fluffy one! And both their tabby patterns seem to become a little more obvious, I didn't expect that :)

Cleaning the lens helps :P

Little fluffy muppet!

Toby joined Dewey and got washed a little. Dewey isn't enjoying their return as much as it might seem, at times he wants to wash them and they just want to play, which annoys him. And I heard him hiss again earlier as well :/ They just join him like Toby did here, and he isn't always in the mood for that of course!

Toby started to roll around...

... and fell down. Midair! :O