Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New scratching post and new toys!

My nieces had some spare catstuff and offered it to me, which was very kind of them :) Really thanks again you 2!! :$ Especially the kittens are very happy with it all, they got a big scratching post in the kitten room, that allows them to get on top of the closets there as well! The following pics are blurry, but 2 excited kittens exploring their new stuff... well, they just won't sit still for the camera :O

Toby was first to really discover it all

Belle followed, taking her time, she was more interested in sniffing and taking it all in as well

As these pics show too: Toby was fast and everywhere...

... while Belle took her time :) It used to be the other way around, Belle was more brave and quicker with checking out new places, but nowadays she really has a big brother ♥

There he goes... :O You can still see a tiny bit of Belle at the bottom, wondering what's up there!

Woooo, more space!

The second closet has my travelling cages on top, which are now all 3 next to each other, because this felt like a bad idea, haha!

They also got a few new toys, and especially Toby loves them! It's often that he attacks the actual toy, while Belle then attacks the moving rod

And I filmed that as well :)

I also filmed a little bit of them playing, they're improving their jumping skills, but still need a little work with that :) Especially Belle is really into the jumping now, but these 2 are a little slow with it to be honest! I don't think they fully realized yet how well their bodies can get them to higher places :O

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