Monday, September 7, 2015

3 cuties snoozing

Toby was playing on my lap...

When Dewey joined Belle in the basket! Both on their own side, but Dew was facing her (if he would've wanted to ignore her, he would've faced away from her) and he seems to like Toby a little bit more, so I was very happy to see that :)

Then playful Toby joined... I guess Dew's face says enough, haha!

Belle couldn't care less about Toby wanting to play

But luckily he calmed down and joined the snoozing :)

Dew wasn't 100% relaxed, as you can see in his face, but he stayed there nevertheless

Belle awake, Toby snoozing, and Dew still not as relaxed...

So time for some washing! Himself, and the kittens <3

Toby has his back leg on Belle, and both are interested in Dewey :)

Belle joined in for a little washing

And so did Toby

It almost looks like she has 3 back legs :O

Toby and Belle snoozing, and Dewey was about to get up :) So proud of my big boy!

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