Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Yes, the couch and blanket are still there as well :)

Lots of Toby-on-the-blanket pics incoming! His nose was slightly damaged when he returned, which these photos show a little better. I think he tried to push through the door of the cage when he returned, it looks like that at least.

Belle wanted to join for snoozes, but Toby grabbed her with both paws. He ment it playful, but it looked like he gave her a bearhug, aww!

Slacky poking Belle, when she went to sit in the window

When I looked back at these pics I noticed they were a little blurry near the center...

Turns out I had a kitten noseprint on my lens, oops! Very charming here Belle, sniffing Toby like that :O

You can see that Belle is still the fluffy one! And both their tabby patterns seem to become a little more obvious, I didn't expect that :)

Cleaning the lens helps :P

Little fluffy muppet!

Toby joined Dewey and got washed a little. Dewey isn't enjoying their return as much as it might seem, at times he wants to wash them and they just want to play, which annoys him. And I heard him hiss again earlier as well :/ They just join him like Toby did here, and he isn't always in the mood for that of course!

Toby started to roll around...

... and fell down. Midair! :O

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