Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My niece visiting Toby and Belle

My niece Sanne visited Toby and Belle a couple times, and here are some pics of that. The first ones are quite old already, look how tiny they were! These 2 pics were near the end of that visit, but I think this is such a cute pic, too bad it's a little blurry :)

Sanne will be 3 years old next month. She enjoys the kittens, but she's never seen such tinies and she pulled her feet up when they wanted to sniff her feet. I asked if she found it a little scary: 'no' :O

She's having a matatabi stick in her hands, but didn't straight away understand yet that they were way too tiny for such toys!

Fast forward, this was obviously more recent! I think Sanne enjoys it a lot more when she can play with them, now if only we could learn her to not slap those toys so high and hard xD

Belle sneaking up on that toy

Sanne also wanted to take some photos. I ended up with a lot of pics of her feet and legs, lol, but she got 2 good ones too! I looked back at them and saw this :D

The kittens like playing with her shoes, she's not loving that as much, but they sure do!

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