Friday, November 23, 2012

Salla discovered the playrails

It's been a week since my last post, things were a bit hectic so not much time and energy for an update, but here goes :)

The basket that's hanging on the heater in that room is loved by all kittens and Salla's no exception :)

Nose to nose with Dew before he gives her a wash, too cute <3 Dewey's sitting on their favorite box with holes here.

And her latest love, the Catit playrails! She plays SO much with them since she discovered them! The sound almost drives me nuts at times, haha. She has one in her room now but in the evening I'll take it away, she's so enthousiastic with slapping those balls, I'm sure the sound would keep me awake :O

Salla is doing fine as you can see, she's online now on several sites and can be adopted. She's adorable when she's cuddly, she's playful and she still adores Dew! There's only one thing that doesn't go so well, and that's how she is to me :/ It's like she loooves me in her room, but outside of it and especially downstairs, I'm not interesting at all and even a bit scary. It looked like she was improving but that kinda stopped (unless I have food, her bellysize is more normal now with all the playing, but she still loves to eat! ^_^). She's also so crazy about my cats and they do give the good example towards me but she just doesn't care, haha. They give her all she needs it seems! So right now she's locked up in her room and I give her lots of tlc and attention there without having distracting cats around, and then I'll take it step by step again. It just takes a different approach but she'll get there I'm sure :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

More cat grass

Remember the previous time that I gave kittens cat grass? Well, luckily Salla is a lot better with it and just chewed a little without destroying the plant ^_^

Sitting on the couch near my girls became a lot more popular in the last couple of days as well, here she was looking at my screen (which was also pretty interesting to see from up close!)

And here she is with Bindi and Sue. If they'd let her she'd be all over them, but she knows that those 2 need a bit of space in between. They also know she respects them, Sue is very relaxed as you can see, which usually is the one that tolerates kittens the least. As long as Salla ignores their tails (which isn't always easy for a kitten) they even go nose to nose sniffing at times :L
You can also see well here that she's quite alike Bindi, even in shape already, haha. My sweet Bindi became a bit chubby after getting a special diet food, and I think Salla might grow up to be, err... big boned as well ^_^

One of the biggest differences between those 2 is shown here by Salla, she has a partially black leg :)

Dewey stays a fun play/cuddle/pillow kinda thing, although I think he wasn't too fond of her position here :O

Pretty blue/green eyes :)

I'll write up a text for the websites this weekend so she can go online and get adopted! Hopefully she'll find new owners soon, so she can adjust more at her new home :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Salla's improving!

And I'm so happy to see that :) Last few days she thought I was pretty scary, except when she was in her room, there it was cuddles all over the place. Normally I'd give her more time and let a scared kitty adjust to me 1 room at a time, but I wanted her to get used to everything in the house as fast as possible, because she's older already and can go up for adoption in just a few days. Luckily she looks up to my cats and they showed her that things like the laundry machine and the dishwasher aren't scary at all. She looked at everything like she hasn't seen or heard it before, and with those things she's doing excellent!
With me it was a bit less good, the more comfy she felt here the more she got impressed by me. From a distance she did greet me and meow to me as well, but being picked up was scary, me trying to pat her, offering my hand to sniff, it was all reason to hide when she wasn't in her safe room. But this morning she turned around a bit and relaxed a lot more, she even came to me several times for some cuddles :)
I do my best to often show her that I bring good stuff, wether it's food, tlc, or just a lift to higher and interesting places. And it seems that worked, today she's not running away anymore when I walk near her and when she's tired, she doesn't go to her room but so far she stays downstairs. Right now she's on the couch near Sue. She does try to approach Bindi and Sue, they don't allow her to sleep with them or anything like that but they're very relaxed with her and stay pretty calm. Dew's still sweet to her, they play and sleep together, he washes her often, at times he shows who's boss, and she really likes him a lot! So all in all, considering her age and that she's only with me for a week, she's doing great ♥ Anyway, photos! ^_^

Here Salla returns the favor to Dewey, first time I see a kitten wash him as well, aww! And he loves her water, it's just normal water but if it's not available 24/7 it's instantly very interesting, lol.


She was playing with a piece of paper but got distracted by a piece of litterbox filling :P

*shakes head* :O

Looking outside is very interesting! I also showed her this morning what's behind the curtain in her room, another window! After that it didn't matter what happened, she kept looking outside from that window, even Dew couldn't catch her attention!

She also discovered the Kong toys :)

This morning, snoozing on top of the couch. I put her there and she approved ^_^

Here she spotted something outside

Showing off her nails!

Friday, November 9, 2012

New kitten has a name

I've decided to call her Salla, it's the name of another nail polish blogger and I think it suits her :) Salla's doing good, she got her shots and chip now and still likes to cuddle and meow! But she also enjoys walking around more now, and then it shows she's still a bit scared at times. When I talk to her she does greet me with her tail up, and at times meows, but if I move my hands towards her she backs away. Getting picked up is a bit scary too, but if I have her on my lap my hands aren't scary at all because cuddles are gooood ^_^
Again, most photos are a bit blurry, I made them with my phone in less good light.

When I walk into her room she's often on the bed, snoozing a bit like she was here

Cute little face on my lap

Wednesday evening I had her on the bed with me and Dew joined as well. Then she went to him, prrrr, and he decided to wash her. He's gentle but he's clearly the one deciding what's gonna happen, lol!

They've played together (Dewey in a box with holes and Salla on the outside, both slapping through the holes is favorite) and Dew washing her goes fine too as you can see, but there are moments when it's still a bit too much for Dew. Then he gets a bit annoyed with that intruder and then I just separate them for a while. He's the one deciding when it's enough now, but I'm so proud of how he's doing so far! So far it goes a lot smoother this time, probably also because it's just 1 kitten and I guess he can't resist her being cuddly either, haha :)

Salla is a little kitten but with a big belly (I kid you not she looks pregnant at times, that's how bad it is, haha), and boy does she love to eat! Today I gave them some canned food to show I'm not scary downstairs but bring good stuff, as always Sue didn't want it, Bindi and Dew ate it as well. By the time they were done eating she was still going at it! She ate like she's been starved, but her belly clearly shows otherwise ^_^ Oh, and she likes to bury her food, scratches the floor around her food bowl (or plate in this case). And when she was done with the scratching? She went in for some more! Here you see Bindi and Salla :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New kitten!

Yesterday I picked up a new kitten in our local shelter, this little girl was found walking next to a road and they estimated that she's 11 weeks old now. Tomorrow she'll get her shots and microchip already, and then she can go up for adoption on the 15th of this month already. Until then possible owners have a chance to come pick her up and else we'll find her a new home :)
I haven't named this little girl yet, I got some nice suggestions already but I often take a couple of days to know what suits a kitten. More names are always welcome too! If I don't use a name but do like it I add it to my list with names for future kitties :) Most photos are a bit blurry, I made them with my camera and my phone and I didn't want to flash in her face on her first day already.

Here she was in her cage in the quarantaine building of the shelter, first thought, it's a mini Bindi!

And in the travelling cage home, she quickly let us know she has quite a voice!

What to say really, haha, look at those eyes! She seems to look like this quite often :)

And she loves to cuddle :)

MEOW yep she's good at that! ^_^

And throwing herself at me is nice too :L

Tiny head, chubby belly! She's dewormed already but that belly is big compared to the rest of her, haha. She reminds me of Sue as a kitten, tiny head, big eyes, massive belly, but then in a Bindi costume :)

She has met Dew already, he started sniffing her straight away and cuddly as she is, she threw herself at him as well while purring. But at some point he wanted to show her that he's boss, then she slapped him in the face, lol! >.< So he's not too happy with that part of her, but she got a lick here and there already and I hope she'll adjust to him being dominant. She also met the other 2 at a distance, those weren't as pleased but she responded with a big tail, her back up and some growling. Yep, seems this little muppet has quite an attitude! :) Dew's a bit careful when sniffing her when she's higher as you can see here as well, he squeezes with his eyes in case she slaps.

That the door is open in her room didn't matter, that Dew was walking around didn't matter, food, toys, nothing mattered. All that mattered was getting cuddles, awww.

Later on it was the same thing, I walked in her room and she was lying on the bed, meowed at me and when I sat down she came on my lap for cuddles.

The way she holds her face at times (especially with an angled photo like here) combined with those big eyes  makes me think of one of those seagulls in Finding Nemo, mine! :O

When I went to watch some telly in my bed I brought her with me, normally I wouldn't do that so fast but she's so cuddly so I gave it a go. It was a bit scary at first but when I patted her she didn't care about being in a new room anymore, prrr. The tv was interesting though!

Right now she's in her room, I'll go check on her in a bit. I took her down earlier and my desk was interesting, but the rest was a bit scary and I don't want to overwhelm her of course, trying to go at a pace that works for her :kitten

Monday, November 5, 2012

Final post Ysera & Naeva

I get visitors tomorrow that are interested in both Naeva and Ysera! :e


Yaaay, they have new owners! I have a good feeling with this couple as well, and I think Naeva and Yse too, and they'll be moving Monday!

As I said before, Ysera's name comes from WoW, simply put, Ysera is a dragon that's really in her own world, which I thought of Yse as well at the start (not that she's a dragon, haha, how cool would that have been!). And there are other things from her description that I found matched this kitten. But by now she's a lot more brave and even felt comfortable enough to put on her little engine a bit when her new owners visited, she doesn't always do that around visitors either! For me she'll always be Ysera, but it's really so nice that she doesn't match the description anymore <3 and Naeva, ahhh :L I'm gonna miss these 2 quite a bit I'm afraid :(
I'm sure it'll be weird at first again as well, an empty house, but there won't be any new kittens for a while. I'm going on a holiday first, so it's not a good idea to get new kittens now, and after that I won't have time until somewhere in October. If it's still needed then, my doors will be open for kittens again! But of course I do hope it won't be needed anymore by then, and that it'll be next year again. I am gonna hang a picture of each forster kitten in the room where I have the kittens at first, I think it'll be nice to give them all a place in my house like that :)


Right, so the kittens just got picked up, and even though I'll miss them, it's ok like this :) Yesterday they both laid down on my lap (something that Yse did more often last couple of days) and I cuddled them loads, it was very nice to say goodbye like that. I did my job and they're not my cats, although these 2 were also very special to me again :)
In the next couple of days I'm gonna enjoy the calmness and having the outside door open again (I don't allow guest kittens outside, it's up to their new owners to decide if they're allowed out and my garden only has fences at the top, not at the bottom where a kitten could escape). I'm gonna clean their room completely and get it ready for a next time, even though that will be in 1.5/2 months at the earliest. And I still didn't go through a bunch of photos, I made some today as well, so I'll do a final update here sometime!


A bit late, but here are the last photos!

Dewdew cleaned the kittens before they left

I got a package, the box was on the ground for like 1 second and Naeva was inside it already :)

She also helped me clean the house, every now and then she held on to that things and swiped along :D

Together with Bindi, who in the end tolerated them pretty close as well :)

And these 3 played together for a last time :)

My cats were happy that they left, although it didn't make much sense to Dewey at first. But oh well, he recovered quickly. Bindi kept chatting loads to me in the first couple of days and was so happy that the door to the storage area (and with that, the door outside which is in that little area) was open constantly, she lied next to the open door a lot at first :P For them this whole fostering thing isn't needed of course, which is also why I don't want to have kittens all the time during kitten season, but every now and then a period with some kittens works fine :)

I originally posted this on a forum on Friday, August 24, Saturday, August 25, Monday, August 27 and Friday, September 7. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.