Saturday, October 10, 2015

Meeting their family!

Toby and Belle went for their vet visit about 1.5 weeks ago, and since I don't have a car, another foster family picked us up. And that happened to be the foster family that has their siblings! It's so obvious that they're all related, haha :D But it also showed those kittens were a lot more relaxed in the basket, because they had their mom around (the 4 were found together, and the 2 weaker ones got adopted by a mum with her own litter). Seeing my kittens more stressed really broke my heart a bit :( No matter how hard I try, I can never replace a mom. I knew that, but there it showed as well.

They wouldn't sit still, but you get the idea anyway! And luckily all those kittens found a home already :)

Another thing you see more often in kittens that have been removed from their mom too early, is suckling on blankets and such (some cats also do that while they did stay long enough, but it's often linked to being separated too early). Toby and Belle don't do it often, but that fuzzy basket is hard to resist! Especially Toby suckles more, although both search more than real suckling. For example Poppy and Nala really suckled more, they really went for a specific spot and stuck to it at such a moment.
Both of them enjoy milking certain fabrics as well, but I think that's a lot more common in cats, and not as much linked to early separation. My cats do it too, I often find it relaxing to watch :) (unless it's on me, then it's relaxing to watch but not as relaxing to feel, haha!)

Here's a vid of them suckling and/or milking

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