Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hula hoop and my niece

And the last post for today, now I'm all up-to-date again, it's probably also one of the last posts of the 4 little knights already (I'm not taking as much photos anymore, I mean, it's not that I only have a few... :$). Time sure flew by!! :)

Yep, they sure love the big scratchingpole! :O

And the blankets on the couch

Perce and Arthur

Got a new hula hoop, which was quite entertaining for the kittens, Arthur even started to play with it! >.< Fun for him, not so fun for the hula hoop, haha!

My adorable niece has seen the kittens a few times before, but didn't care that much about them. But last time she was here, she found them a lot more interesting! And she loves giving Dewdew candy, but he's in the garden more often now that these 4 took over the house (my cats are clearly more ready for the kittens to leave again). So she gave the kittens some candy as well ^_^

Look how gentle he takes the candy! Aww! Pretty sure that's Tris, with Arthur looking at it. Perce is on the left, that I'm sure of :P

I was sitting on the floor with them, my sis took these pics, and I'm very happy with them! Such a cute set of photos :)

Arthur and Dewdew

Arthur and Dew were on the couch, which resulted in the usual washing/playing action :) The blankets with pawprint on the couch are little blankets that I got for them to take home, so when they arrive, they have something familiar with them. Not sure if they need it, but it's there if so :)

Isn't he pretty? ♥

Sleeping on my lap

Look how big Lancelot got!

Lance sleeping on the couch

Remember this photo, that I took shortly after they arrived here?

Here's how he looks now, what a difference!! ♥

Lots of random pics :)

The boys snoozing in the basket again

Lancy snoozing against my shoulder

Lancelot joined Dew in the scratchingpole, which means washingtime! Dewey doesn't often like kittens sleeping at or near him, but as I'm sure was quite clear already, he does love to wash them :)

Here's my Dewdew in the hanging basket and Perce joined him

The 4 little knights absolutely love their playtunnel ánd their cattent! Unfortunately they managed to destroy it, I hope I can sew it back together again :O And else I'll just get a new one, they enjoyed that thing so much, worth every cent! :D

Arthur checking with his paw what's between the couch cushions

Lancelot in my neck again :L

Yep, that's Tristram! :D

All 4 on the scratchingpole

Lance and Perce were playing in that house, Arthur had fun with the tails that kept sweeping in front of him!


Perceval looks a bit odd here in his face, but it you look at Lance, I guess that explains some... ^_^


Toy above their heads!

And here's a bonuspic, the most uncharming photo of Tristram ever! :$ He was snoozing with his head against mine (so cute!) and then started to wash, but got my hair mixed in... this is his reaction, trying to spit out my hair or some, haha!

Crochet blanket

I have a crochet blanket on top of my couch, my cats love it, but so do the kittens!

First we have Lancelot sleeping alone

And here's the first kittenpile on the blanket! Perceval left, Lancelot and Arthur looking up

Tristram joined them too

And this was another time, Lancelot and Perceval are using Arthur as a pillow :D

Arthur the pillow :P

And Tris? He was still too busy playing with a little pillow filled with valerian (just like catnip, valerian and silver vine (also can give quite the reaction with cats, so far I've noticed that those 2 often give a stronger reaction than catnip, which some cats don't react to at all)

But then Tris joined the others, here we have Tris at the front, then Perceval, and Lancelot is squishing Arthur, haha!

Arthur and Perceval

Tris was still awake

And with sleeping brothers in the background :) His eyes are still quite blue compared to the others!

I wonder if this was really comfy for Arthur :D