Saturday, October 10, 2015

More snoozes, and some playing!

When I get home, I straight away get company, cuddles and happy kittens around me! :) I didn't even take off my jacket here, and they were already with me ♥

While Toby was on my lap, Belle was on my shoulder :)

Belle also likes to sit on the top of my chair!

Here she's poking my glasses :P

Cold day, cozy on the couch with a warm vest, and a kitten of course!

They often cut me off on the stairs (not on purpose), which I'm trying to unlearn now, because it can be dangerous. But when they're not fast enough to run past me, they're still near me, little stalkers! :O

I was coloring and Toby joined me. So much for the coloring! And yes, these pics are more recent, look at that little big boy! ^_^

Toby snoozing on me

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