Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dewey and the kittens

Again a bunch of random pics from different times. Starting with a pic that belongs to a series I posted previously, all together in a basket!

Got a new desk chair, it was quite complicated to put it all together with those 2 tiny helpers :D When I was done, Dew found his way up straight away, Belle followed while Toby was still playing with the boxes and stuff that the chair was in

Washing Belle

Never a quiet moment for Dew, my poor boy! As you can probably tell from their size, this was a very recent pic! Although somehow they look even bigger than they are here, especially Toby! :o

Dewdew washing Belle, it's easy to tell, she has pink paws while Toby has some black here and there as well :)

Toby was around too, though!

He helped me get blurry pics :O

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