Friday, October 23, 2015

The story continues...

I planned on posting a few last pics of Toby and Belle, and an update that they're doing great in their new home, but unfortunately, things are a little different. Their owners have sent me a lot of updates, which showed that Toby and Belle quickly turned into their lovely little selves after they got used to the new situation, and were indeed doing great. But one of their owners is allergic and sadly things got too serious with that, leaving them with not much choice. So in short, I then had to decide if I'd take them back or not.

That was a very hard decision, it would be best for them to return here and of course I'd want to take them back! But would that be the wise choice, considering they're a little older (which isn't great for my cats, especially Sue who's doing a little less good at the moment) and that Dewey needed a break (which he only had for a week now)? I'm also going through a busy and rougher period now, so that got added to the thoughts as well, although my main concerns were about the kittens and my cats. It took a lot of going back and forth in my mind, and talks with one of the shelter's staffmembers, but we've decided to go for it. If it doesn't work out with my cats, we can always go for another option. Sooo... Toby and Belle will return here today!

When I heard that they were returning to the shelter, I wrote a new text for them, added more recent photos and quickly made a little vid, all to show them off as good as I can. That was the least I could do, regardless of where they'd move next. So they've already been placed online yesterday, and hopefully they'll find a new home soon!

If you're interested, or know someone that might be interested, you can find them online here (Dutch website):

And here's the vid I made:

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