Monday, September 17, 2012


Amientje's head is darker on the photo than it is in reality, and he's getting a lot more brown/orange now. He looked a bit grey at some parts before, but it's a male and because of that he can't have both red and grey in his fur, so it was a bit of a color mystery but that seems to be solved now :O

Yesterday I took the kittens downstairs, one at a time. I gave my own cats some canned food first so they were all happy, and then brought each kitten down for a short while. Both Amin and Naeva have been downstairs before, and they did great now as well, especially when they smelled the canned food! I let them eat for a bit so it would be extra fun to be downstairs, then took them upstairs again. Taartje already got scared on the way down, but I hoped she would enjoy it with the food. Boy was I wrong! >.< She instantly went under the table with her fur all standing up and hissed, so I quickly grabbed her and took her upstairs again. She panicked so much that she held on to me, and she's a bit bigger already, so that wasn't so nice. She even got stuck with a nail in my neck for a bit, that's how deep she clawed into my skin, ouch! :( Ysera was scared on the way over as well, but hmm that food was pretty nice as well, so lucky it was a positive experience for her. I let Naeva walk around downstairs for a bit after that, but Dew wasn't so happy with that, and his soft pokes were enough to slide her over the floor :O

Now they all want to get out of their room a lot, but that doesn't go so well yet with Tara (and soso with Yse). I don't want to give them a lot of space because then it's quickly too much for her, but at the same time she does need to get used to new areas, especially because she's a bit older already. So I'm putting them in a new room every now and then, and show her that I'm not scary in that room either, and take it one room at a time. Earlier I let them upstairs in the hallway, but the stairs is there as well of course, and both Amin and Naeva were downstairs in no time! Little Naeva is stretched out about the same height as one step of the stairs, it looked so silly when she climbed back upstairs, brave little thing :O

Tomorrow I'll take Ysera back to the vet for a checkup, and her mouth now also has some scabs so it looks like that's healing a bit more as well. I'm very curious to hear what they think! :)


I just got home with good news! Yse is healing well :e Her mouth is doing well, and it looks better to me now too (the scabs were off this morning) and her teeth are standing a bit more secure in her mouth now again. Her nose will always be a bit misformed according to the vet but it's fine further. I can stop giving her the eye meds so often, only have to do it a few times a day now. She's not blind according to the vet, she does have some scar tissue on her eye (she had a hole in her cornea) but she probably just looks past that. The white sheen on her eye is a lot less bad now too!
She's really hissing a lot now, she kinda had a fall back ever since I picked her up to go to the vet. But I'm sure that'll turn around again :) I also brought Naeva for some support and to accurately weight her. My kitchen weightscale is accurate, but not with wobbly kittens :D She gained a 100 grams since she arrived here, so that's good. They're all gaining nicely, but she's the smallest, so it was nice to find out exactly how well she's doing :)

I originally posted this on a forum on Thursday, July 12 and Friday, July 13. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Blanket & playrails

Tara already discovered she can go under the edge of the duvet, which Amientje really enjoyed. But now Amin found out as well how to get under there, which turned out to be excellent entertainment for Tara and Ysera! :e Little Naeva is often too busy cuddling in my hair to notice that thing under the blanket :)

The Catit playrails are a big success as well now, they all found out how they work. For the older 2 it's a bit easier, but the smaller 2 also enjoy all the tails flying around :)


Attacking Amientje's tail while he's playing!

Together with the same ball :)

The little ones are doing fine, they're not really impressed with things either, only the vacuumcleaner is a bit scary. But oh well, it's not like they're the only cats who dislike that thing! Last night Naeva threw up twice, by the looks of it she just ate too fast. (I had to clean it fast as well, preheated food! Gross, lol). But I'm glad she was all fine again this morning, with such a tiny kitty you're worried easily! The taking-kittens-off-my-pants has started as well, especially Amientje and Naeva enjoy climbing my legs. And this morning I wore a dress with bare legs, which wasn't an issue a few days ago... now it was, ouch! Especially Yse (I'm still a bit scary but my legs ain't) jumped halfway my legs on the back and got me good! Although I'm also happy that she was brave enough to do so, she also comes to have a look at me more often now :)

Dewey is doing a lot better again, I asked for advice which cleared some things up. And he has to learn it as well so it goes a bit ungainly, but I'm just keeping an eye on him. And Tara seems to realize now as well that she shouldn't mess too much with him, which is good. It seems he does want to raise them a bit, which is handy for me but also good for the kitties. And when they're calm there's no problem anyway, so this morning I let him in with the kittens while they were eating. When they're bigger they'll all just have to figure it out with him themselves. I did have a good laugh this morning, I just cleaned their whole room and one of the kittens went to the litterbox but didn't burry it properly. There he went, huge Dewey in tiny kittenlitterbox *dig dig*... filling everywhere! :O Silly Dewdew :)

I originally posted this on a forum on Wednesday, July 11. Roughly translated and posted here afterwards.