Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One of the last posts...

Or maybe the last already? Here's some random pics :)

New laundry machine! Belle found out the door is a nice spot to sit :D

Toby wonders what she's doing there...

Trying to poke her brother through the glass, haha! The top of one of my litter boxes is on the floor there, these 2 managed to get it off and used it as a thing to play with xD

They're often on top of the scratching post now :)

But they're still tiny enough to fit there together!

Ohhh, a box! ^_^

Belle checking me out :D On a sidenote, Toby's mack tabby pattern is still quite visible, as I mentionned before, but if the light hits her in the right way, you can see a little blotched tabby pattern on Belle :) That's really barely visible though, and I think it'll disappear.

Kittens aren't the only ones that are interested in boxes! :)

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