Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Getting washed by Dewdew

Toby and Belle will move this Thursday, which is quite a double feeling. From one way it's nice to have a calm house again, without kittenstuff everywhere, and without me having to open the door for my cats quite a few times a day (the cat flap to my garden is set to enter only, to prevent the kittens leaving the house - they quickly found out how the flap works and are very interested in the garden, they see me and my cats there and would like to join!).
Dewey is also tired of the kittens, or well, it's not specifically these kittens, I think he'd be tired of any kitten by now. I just had a few days in between Poppy, Nala and Munchy and Toby and Belle, and that means around 3.5 months non-stop kittens in the house. What doesn't help now either, is the weather. It got quite cold and he isn't outside as much now, which means he's around the kittens more often, and he's not the youngest anymore (not that he's old, but a few years or 5 years is already a difference of course). So at times they're all crazy, racing around, and he just wants peace and quiet naptime! And Dew never really tells kittens off, he just holds his frustrations in until he can't anymore. But now he's been hissing a couple of times at these 2 :(
From one way I'm so glad to see that; is he finally learning that it's okay to set limits? :o (I even remember the first time I heard him hiss, he was 3 years old by then, and that was to a foster kitten as well) But of course it's not good that he's growing tired of them, it's his house afterall! So for that, it'll be good that they move. And after this, I'll have a fostering break, and I'll remember from now on that Dewey needs breaks in between as well :)

But from the other hand... these are 2 very adorable kittens, they're so attached to me, and I just love to see them grow and enjoy their company! If I look back at the pictures from a bunch of weeks ago, it's hard to imagine that these are the same kittens, they've come a long way! They often join me, snooze on me, come to me for cuddles, and just follow me around. They're snoozing on a scratching post right now, but if I were to go upstairs now, they'd be with me in no time :) Toby also has the cutest meows and prr sounds, and they're just oh so lovable :L I'll miss these 2 for sure!

Even though Dewey clearly has his moments where he's had enough of them, he's still a sweetheart to them! He'd never attack like Sue can and he often washes them, and I hope this'll teach him that he doesn't have to accept everything from fosters.

This vid also shows what a kind soul he is <3 I know he doesn't like kittens on top of his body, yet Toby gets away with it here!

Especially Belle is fond of him, and often joins him when he's snoozing somewhere. Not just to get washed, but she washes him as well, aww! :) The majority of kittens doesn't do that, they just let him wash them instead.

The other day I looked behind me and saw this at the table :D

Belle wanted to play, but as usual, Dewdew wanted to wash! It never ceases to amaze me how brave those tinies are, taking on 5kg of adult cat :O

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