Saturday, October 10, 2015

Random photos I

Right, the last folder with unposted stuff is a folder with random pics, here we go!

I've posted more of these, but I had some on my phone as well ^_^

Toby ready to jump on the couch

Belle had the brilliant idea to just jump in the basket with Sue! As you could see in a previous post, they can get close (really close if they're calm and respectful, sniffing and such), but just jumping in like that... Bad idea, kitty! >.<  I ended up fishing Belle out of the basket, away from my unpleased girl

Belle was the first to reach the top of the scratching barrel, this feels like ages ago, so tiny!

Snoozing there together

And Belle was also the first to get on top of the high scratching post upstairs. Going up is usually no problem, but going down... :O

And here's a vid of them playing :)

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