Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The last pics from T&B's previous stay

As I explained in my previous post, Toby and Belle have returned, and they're cute as always! :) When they came home, Belle walked out of the cage with her tail up, and went to play with the Catit playrails within minutes. Toby was a little more hesitant, but it didn't take too long before he joined Belle. Dewey couldn't resist that closed door with something behind it, so he quickly joined us to greet the 2, and it didn't take long before he and Belle gave each other's heads a few licks, aww!
When I went down for a bit and came back upstairs again, I called for them as always, and found them waiting at the door, just like it used to be. But Toby stayed a little shy, and later on, he got a little worse. He went in a basket on top of the closet, and kinda zoned out :( And then I spooked them by just entering the room without calling for them first (which wasn't a problem before), so it was clear they needed a little time to adjust. But luckily, later in the evening I could already clearly tell a difference, and the next morning they were fine!
That day Toby joined me on the couch, and it was like the last little click in his head was made; 'I really do know you!! :L'. And he just got SO cuddly and sweet, and he kept rubbing against my head while purring really loud, haha! And by now they're acting like nothing has changed, they're playful, cuddly, meowing and purring, and join me wherever I go :)

And! They'll get visitors tomorrow already! I hope it's a match, but I noticed yesterday when my mom visited, that they did take a bit of a hit to their trust in humans. Especially Toby was a little too impressed at first, not like him at all, poor boy. But luckily his curiosity won pretty fast, and they were playing like nothing was wrong. I hope that'll be the case tomorrow as well, so their visitors can see how cute and funny they really are :) Fingers crossed once again!

Here are the last photos of their previous stay, from the last days before they moved :)
Cuddly in my arms

Dewey joined them to wash them <3

Cuddly Belle

And sleepy Toby :)

I got a little 3 step stairs for Sue, to help her getting higher on things. It's near my bed now, and she loves it! She'll even walk around to use it when it's not on her route, instead of going for the shortest route. Needless to say, I getting more stairs for her! Toby found it pretty entertaining as well :)

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