Saturday, October 10, 2015

Snoozing on me

Some of these photos are from early September, but they still love to snooze on me :)

Belle playing next to me

And Toby likes to do my hair :D Too bad that didn't go as well the other day, he was sitting in my neck, washing my hair, when the washing sounds changed to nibbling sounds. I straight away wondered what he was doing, turns out he nibbled through a strand of hair, lol! Needless to say, when he goes for my hair now, I put him somewhere else xD

And while Toby went for my hair there, Belle sat near my face. She still jumps me at times, then I sit on the couch and she gets this look on her face, and then she launches herself towards my face :D

This was the first time I had them on the bed if I'm not mistaken. They first played and really enjoyed the bed, then both joined me for cuddles and snoozes :L

Belle figured my shirt was a comfy, warm spot, haha! Even though it's cute, I'm glad they don't do that anymore, imagine having an adult cat in your shirt like that! :O

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