Saturday, October 10, 2015

Random photos II

I was coloring with markers and Belle sniffed one of my markers, and ended up with a pink/purple bit of nose xD Not as obvious on the pic, but a cute face nevertheless!

Toby with one of his favorite toys, a feathery thing that he expertly removed from the rod it was attached to

But even when he's busy playing, he comes when I call for him <3

Belle on my desk

And it's clear, I shouldn't leave catcandy in places they can reach :O

I just came home and walked to them

And as always, they came to me :)

They love the tent! I used to have a blue one, which last year's kittens took care of, and this one isn't in the best shape anymore either... xD

They're also big enough now to see small, or even tiny, things! Belle went for the cursor here

One of the last times I gave them a bottle, Toby still enjoyed it, Belle didn't want it anymore

She did show interest though, after which Toby dug his nails a little deeper in my pinkie >.<

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