Thursday, July 30, 2015

Munchy and Dewey! Hmm... but wait a minute...

Dewdew is really fond of Poppy and he often goes to wash her when she's snoozing somewhere, and I noticed a few times last few days that he joined her in the basket under the table (clumsy because 'oh boy, it's my basket and now she's there, how does this work!'). Today Munchy and Nala were snoozing together in that basket and then I looked their way and saw Nala on the carpet right outside the basket. Huh, why wasn't she snoozing in the basket? I went in for a closer look...

Dewey is there! But what's wrong with Munchy's body, that doesn't look right :o

Lets see from the other side.... those ain't Munchy's legs :O

After poking around a bit, creating some space, I could finally see the rest of Poppy, it's surprising she could even breathe, lol! You can see her white chin and a bit of her nose below Munchy's paw :)

I've rarely seen Dewey join a kitten for snoozes like he does with Poppy, and I think Munchy and Nala just happened to be there when he wanted to join Poppy. He doesn't ever join them, like with almost all kittens (I can only recall a few moments where he slept with fosters). But Poppy? She's something special :)

I pushed the basket down a bit and oh, that ain't charming Poppy! :O I took Nala to a more comfy spot where she continued snoozing, I guess she felt that 4 in that basket was too much :)

I have a built in closet upstairs, where I store some large things as well, and Dewey likes to sleep there. But because of those items, I can't see him when he's there! So when I'm not sure where he is, I poke my head inside the closet and call for him, to which he usually replies with a sleepy variation of his prrprr sounds ♥ But the other day I couldn't find Poppy either, so I went upstairs, and heard the closet purring (Poppy) and soft washing sounds (Dew washing her). Yep, it's good that she has an owner, else Dew might've adopted her himself, haha!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Watching Youtube vids

A couple of days ago, I filmed Sue being all silly and meowing, and when I sat with the kittens I showed them the vid. You should've seen their fluffy tails, they weren't liking it at all! :o I wasn't sure if it was because they recognised Sue, or because her silly meows could be taken as more angry or something by other cats? So I played a Youtube vid with random cats meowing, the first cat caused all 3 kittens to put their tail up and come to my phone all happy, but the next (which to me meowed just as happy and normal), caused them to run away with their tails all fluffy again, woops! So I figured to try out something else, not a vid of cats, but a vid for cats. That was a big hit, especially Nala loved it! Munchy was too busy attacking Poppy and Nala and chewing on me, but the sisters came on my lap to watch the vid. Here's a few days later, Nala and Poppy on the couch, with the favorite vid so far :) Poppy was snoozing behind Sue at first (even touching her), but after Sue had enough and made sure Poppy would move ( >.< ), she joined Nala.

It's clear who likes such vids the most!

Poppy stretched and by doing so, she hit Nala's paw


Nala put her paws on top of her sister's paws ♥

And while Poppy continued her snoozing, Nala enjoyed the vid some more :)

Random playing, snoozing and just being cute!

Poppy with a catnip toy

Munchy and Poppy, about to play with each other

Poppy and Nala

Nala started suckling on Poppy's belly, and Poppy thought 'I can do that too!' and went for Nala's ear. They sat and suckled like this for a short while, silly muppets :)

It's clear who's the bigger sister!

Last few days I notice more that Poppy is lying curled up, like a real miniature cat, but I have plenty pics where she was like this, or in weird positions (as you've seen before) :)

Munchy in the scratchingpole. She still struggles with sitting still for pics, haha! So less of her in the last bunch of posts :)

That's a lot of whiskers and eyebrows you got there, munch!


Nala being adorable, hiding her face

Those backlegs! Awhh!

The sisters together

There's something playing with my hair...

As if my hair wasn't fuzzy enough yet, Poppy decided to make things worse!

Then she saw herself on my phone (front camera)

Guess it wasn't interesting :) *yawn*

Sniffing my glasses

I took a toy and played with her instead, which she liked a lot :)

New toys!

A local store (for the Dutch: Action) also sells cat products, including my playtunnels. They lasted for a long time already and I bought 2 more so they have a tunnel downstairs as well (they're short but can be linked together to get a nice length). They also had a playmat now, and I couldn't resist it :) But neither could the kittens, and as more often, Munchy was first to check it out!

Nala found it pretty interesting too...

Poking the ball with both paws :)

My mom and sister were at a store where they had some free catboxes that people could take with them, and they were so sweet to bring me (or better, the cats) 2 of them. Dew is in them every once in a while, but they're comfy to just lie on as well! Or poke through the holes at those little ones racing through :D

All 3 in 1 pic :) Munchy and Poppy can look quite similar, but it's pretty easy to keep them apart actually. Munchy has the white stripe on her face of course, but she also has a different bodyshape, a true black color (Poppy leans more brown compared to her), she feels different when you touch her and she acts quite different as well! Even when it's dark, like when I enter their room at night, it's easy to keep them apart. Munchy will be with me straight away while purring, and that sleepyhead that won't even look or get up from her sleeping position, is Poppy :O Also, Poppy's fur showed a blotched/marbled pattern from the beginning, and at first I thought they were so-called ghost markings and would disappear as she grows. But the opposite seems to be the case, right now she has silvery tips on some hairs, accentuating the pattern.

Last few posts were about the sisters, but I of course haven't forgotten about little Munchmunch. I've been to the vet with her, and my fears were comfirmed, it's not just her right backleg. Her left leg has issues as well. The X-ray once again showed no fractures or anything else out of the ordinary, but the tests did show a lot and the vet diagnosed her with a neurological problem. It seems she has a blockage in her back. ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttxxxxx435 and that was actually Munchy typing 78888888888888888 :D I have a little purrpurr on my desk right now! In the morning her leg looks okay, but the later it gets, the worse it looks and she drags it constantly then. There's 3 options; it can stay like this, it can improve (with the help of muscle             7yyyyyyy;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;dddddddddd5llllll
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhl;ds y11111111111wssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss as I was saying, musclestrength), and it can get worse. We'll wait and see how it is in 2 weeks, then look further at her future. Amputating her bad lag has not much use, because her other leg isn't good either. There's a risk of getting wounds from the dragging, there's a risk of getting dirty (she drags it through things, including the litter box) and right now she can't even scratch herself when she has an itch, which is sad to see :( If she ends up getting urine or feces on herself often, that's not a worthy life, and same goes for having wounds all the time. In the worst-case scenario, we might end up having to euthanize her. Her quality of life will always go first. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her, but one thing is for sure, she's taken care of and is loved, which I believe she knows and feels ♥