Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Snoozing and washing... nothing new!

Toby and Belle in the basket

Dewey joined them to wash, aww :) Belle quickly rolled over to grab his head or some, haha

Dewey washing Toby, Belle washing Dewey, Toby slacking as usual :D

So sweet when kittens return the favor! There's not that many that wash Dewey :)

Belle was sleeping on a soft window sill cushion, but that thing is a little wider than the sill, and it happens that kittens fall down with it. This time Belle fell down, looked up with a sleepy head, and thought 'whatever', lol! She just rolled up and continued her snoozes :O

I asked her what she was doing there :D

Snoozing on my lap together :)

Belle back in the window sill, partially on that cushion

Rolling over, looking charming, haha

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