Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tent, food & cuddles!

Saturday morning I took Sue to the vet, looks like she's allergic to something :/ So it's a little messy right now, because she can't eat anything else besides the standard food (mobility diet, we don't want to stop that if it's not needed) and the kittens have their own kittenfood of course. But Sue also has painkillers and she tends to puke if she doesn't get them with food, so the vet gave a raw food that she most likely wouldn't react to, just to see if she would maybe eat that instead. But I've tried raw food before, and as I expected, she didn't even look at it, heh. So much for that idea! But the kittens? It took a little sniffing, then Toby went for it. Belle wasn't sure at first, but Toby was eating, so it had to be good and she didn't want to miss out!

Then Toby noticed something weird about their playtent...

In case you're wondering, there's a red/pink-ish curtain near my front door, which gives that pink glow :)

That white thing in the tent is way too big to be a kitten... :D

And those paws that poked Toby weren't exactly tiny either!

Toby quickly lost interest when I got near, cutie :)

Sleeping on the couch

And this was what I described in my last post, it felt like Toby fully realized here that it was me! He just kept purring around my head like this ♥

Toby toes!

Belle enjoys 1 of the activity boards, probably the easiest I have, and she straight away understood it

Toby on the other hand, discovered the cord of my sweater!

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