Sunday, June 30, 2013


If there's one thing Noomi loves, it's playing! And she plays with everything, although her furry friend Dewdew stays her favorite toy :)

Common sight :P

I gave her a piece of crumbled up paper the other day, and she loved it! She carried it around in her mouth to play with it in every part of the room :) It's lying near her backpaw here.

Another common sight, she loves that house near the top of the scratchingpole, to sleep in or to attack!

But a toy near the house will do fine too ^_^

And here's an action pic of her going for Dewey's tail, attacking his tail stays fun!

Vicious little claws ^_^

And here she was sneaking up on Dewdew, using the activityboard for "cover" :O

And lastly, raindrops! Kittens are so easily entertained :D

Friday, June 28, 2013


It's been about a week since my last post, and Noomi is doing great, I just didn't get to sorting pics yet. But I have plenty to share now, starting with a bunch of cute Noomi just sitting around and snoozing :)

This photo will definitely be one that I'll send in as her photo for adoption sites, isn't she posing adorable? :)

And this pic ain't as visible, but Nomnom loves to hang in the sleeve of my snuggie (huge fleece blanket with sleeves), aawww! :O

Friday, June 21, 2013

Noomi went outside!

I never allowed kittens outside, but in my new garden there's no way for kittens to escape, so if it's nice weather ánd it's a healthy, highly social kitten, it can go outside a little bit at times. Noomi does have ear mite of course, but besides that she's healthy and she already grew quite a bit, and she's very easy. So I figured to just try it and see how it goes :) And it went great! She stayed at the front of the garden (only went in for about 1/3) and didn't even look at the walls/fencing. She was more impressed with the garden than she was with the entire house, she clearly wasn't used to it, but did seem to enjoy it. And when she had enough, she just went inside to go sleep somewhere, so cute! ^_^

Noomi quickly found out that there was a plant on the table hanging down a bit which made a great toy!

I fixed the plant so she couldn't play with it anymore, but couldn't resist making a few pics first :$ Under the table quickly became her favorite spot to lie down as well.

When she saw Dew she of course had to follow him around. Here they're under a chair together

But oh, that wiggly red tail of his...

She often jumps for it when she's following him around and then fails to get it, Dew doesn't even notice it at times :O

But here she got it! And Dewdew thought it was too warm to do more about it than giving her a soft poke :D

Happy with her prey ^_^

Noomi is absolutely doing great! She often comes to me when I call for her, has grown nicely, is cuddly and very playful, but when it's enough she just goes to sleep somewhere. There's a basket upstairs she really likes, and the couch is approved as well :) Yesterday I was away for a few hours and usually I lock kittens up when I'm gone or sleeping, but because she's so easy I decided to keep her out, and it went fine from what I could see! Curtains, cables and stuff alike was all in 1 piece, so was Noomi, and there were no upset cats :P

Right now she's on top of the scratchingpole, it didn't take long before she found her way up (it's about 2m high, and she climbs it like a little monkey :O) and she loves the toymouse attached to it. When I open the door to her room she's instantly purring and comes to me - unless her furry friend is near! This morning when Dew was washing her (for him the day with Noomi starts with washing, while she just wants to play, haha), she was attacking his paw but in the end she even washed him a little bit, aaaww! :L That's the second time I see a kitten do so, and the previous one (sweet little Salla) was a lot bigger already when she did so. I think whoever ends up adopting Noomi really is a lucky person :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Noomi & Dewdew

In just a matter of days Dewey and Noomi really found eachother, and they often play together and he washes her at times. He can get a bit rough with both of that, but she can handle him, and also gives him enough space and plays on her own or with me as well. She already starts to react to her name, especially when she's in her room and I call for her, tiny "iew!" sounds, too cute! :D She really hates getting her ears cleaned, but it needs to be done and at those moments she has quite an attitude. But she usually quickly forgets it and gets all cuddly or playful again. She's really an adorable and oh so easy kitty! Which is extra nice now since it's the first kitten of the year and the first kitten in my new house, we had a relaxing start so far :)

Dewey outside, checking out Nom

She sometimes stands up like this against him as well, holding his neck with her little paws and attacking him like that. But it looks like she's cuddling him then, naaaw! ^_^

Bad quality on these photos, only had my phone near and they weren't lying still, because Noomi kinda didn't want to get washed, she wanted to play! Are they cute together or what :L

As you can see, Dewdew doesn't really care about what Noomi wants, lol!

Attaaaack! ^_^

Guess she had to let him win with his paws around her neck like this :O

Noomi also discovered she can climb the big scratchingpole, she's already been halfway up!

The hairs around her ears are a bit wet here, I had a new tube of earcleaner and squished it a bit too hard, oops! And she was so annoyed that she didn't want that cleaned straight away, so I let her play a bit first and cleaned her after :) Else Dewdew does it for me, not sure if that's so healthy, heh!

Noomi has been outside a bit today, it's the first time I ever let a kitten outside and it went great! :) Of course in a completely fenced up garden and with me being there though, but more about that next time! :kitten

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Meet Noomi

Prepare for some photo spam! :) It's that time of the year again, the kittenseason has started and the shelter is getting more and more kittens in need of a fosterhome. They contacted me last Wednesday about a 5 week old kitten that was found under the hood of a car and in need of a fosterhome. They do try to place kittens together with other kittens, but they didn't find her family and she had a bad ear mite infection, so I took her in alone (and of course my cats are treated preventively against it). So here she is, little handful Noomi! :D

In the shelter

On our way home

Still very punky from being deflead, and her belly was pretty big too but she's of course dewormed as well and she looks a lot better now!

It didn't take long before she met my cats! First she met Dew, and she instantly put up her back and tail (it looked so silly, tiny and punky :)) but she quickly realized he ment no harm and went for him straight away. Prrrrr and throwing herself at him, while Dewey just wanted to explore the room!
Sue just sat at a distance and the look in her eyes said enough, and Noomi froze in place, she clearly got the message :D Bindi also wasn't too happy as usual, but Noomi seems to understand well she might come across as angry or annoyed but really won't do much harm.

I considered calling her Freaky (thanks to someone who linked me a vid about a tarsier "hello there, freaky!", and well, her big round eyes... :O) but I figured that might look a bit odd when she's ready for adoption, so went with Noomi, although it's often Nomnom instead :)

It didn't take long before she thought of Dew as a massive toy, here she's getting ready to attack him...

But at that first day Dewdew wasn't so interested in playing with her yet, that little bowl however... So yep, I need to hide her food often!

It didn't take long before she got downstairs, so far nothing impressed her and she's been a very easy kitten! Here she's looking outside

So cute! :L


She was curious after the top of the door of her traveling cage and used my arm toget to it, clever kitty!

Just being cute :) All these photos were taken with my phone, I keep forgetting to use my cam atm!

I thought the playrails would be a bit big for her still, but nope, this little girl packs quite a punch!

So there we have it, the first bunch of Noomi photos :) Right now she's racing around the house with Dew, he's been great with her so far <3