Saturday, October 10, 2015

Toby and his tail

The kittens have been practicing their poofy tails, and especially Toby likes doing so!

Blurry, but look at that tiny fluffy thing! :O

Toby was interested in me, but got attacked, which happens all the time between those 2 :)

Toby checking out my drawer, cutie!

Dewey with a normal tail, coming to greet me, while Toby tried to impress him... You can see his puffed up tail had already improved a bit here!

Dew wasn't impressed, heh.

And the most recent tail poof photos, this was Toby trying to impress Sue. I guess I don't need to add here that Sue couldn't have cared less :D

Yes, Toby has a subtle mack tabby pattern! I think they're probably ghost markings though, and will disappear when he gets older. Poppy had them too, but hers got more and more obvious (with silver tips) during her stay here already, and the vet later confirmed she was a black tabby.

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