Tuesday, August 4, 2015

More basket snoozes

Time for a little update before I move on to the pics :) Last week I took the 3 girls to the vet, Poppy and Nala got their chips and shots, and did well with that. They didn't have earmites anymore, but their ears still had a small bit of dirt deep inside, so I needed to continue with the earcleaner for another week. Instead of rubbing and soaking it in and then cleaning it, I still need to rub and soak, but then let them shake it out (I wouldn't be able to reach deep enough). Needless to say, I'm doing that in the kittenroom, haha! And they sure don't like it :/ But oh well, it's all for a good cause, few more days and then it's done and they'll be picked up by their owner!

Munchy was checked again by the vet as well, her leftleg didn't feel as stiff anymore, and showed improvement with the tests. Her right leg isn't, and that's showing a spot from the dragging already. That'll most likely turn into a wound sooner or later, and since she'll keep dragging that leg, a wound won't be able to heal well. Add to it that she had a few litter box accidents, where her leg was in the way or got dragged through, plus that her leg is more in the way and taking her out of balance, and it's fairly obvious that amputating will be the best option. But will her left be capable of carrying her? Thursday Poppy and Nala will move later in the morning, before that Munchy has another vet appointment at the shelter (she visits the shelter every week for the basic treatments). I'm filming her, especially her left leg, to show the shelter staff and the vet what she's capable of with that leg, like climbing scratching poles and kicking toys. The latter she's not doing at all, the climbing is mainly with her frontlegs :( Hopefully the vet does see enough strength and sees more improvement, so we can go ahead and amputate right. She's come such a long way, so if it's possible, she definitely deserves a chance!

Besides that the kittens are doing fine! I haven't updated here as much as I'd like, so I missed a few things, but I'll just move on with the current situation :) The sisters aren't too fond of me right now, with the daily earcleaner, but as long as they'll learn to love their owner I'm ok with them not loving me as much, haha. Of course it's sad to see, but it's part of having fosters to get them healthy (both mentally and physically), and that's not always fun for them. They still think I'm quite interesting though, and it's not that they're in a full-blown panic when they see me or any! Munchy is calming down more, and getting a strong upper body, and toned down her nibbling. As it turns out, that's partially just the kittenbehavior from a kitten that didn't have a mum to learn her such things (I see it more often with my fosters, but some are a bit more enthusiastic with it, like Munchy!), and partially a way for her to search for a nipple. Her little chews are more of a 'does this give milk?' thing, poor sweety.

Here's Munchy with her backleg pillow :)

Dewey and Poppy... what's new :D

Nala searching for a nipple at Dew's body, bad idea!

After Dewey made that clear, she went to suckle on Poppy

Nala getting washed by Dewdew (not that he gave her much choice, haha)

That's his backleg and his frontleg around her :D

And Munch? She was being her usual self... 'ohh, there's the human!' ♥

I sat on the floor to make pics of the three in the basket, and Munchy joined me for that :)

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