Monday, August 31, 2015

Discovering the house

I blocked the door opening from the living room to the rest of my house, but last few days it happened several times that I found a kitten near me on the wrong side of the door :D Today they both followed (yes, they're slowly learning to climb and make babyjumps at times, surprising themselves!) and I removed the blockage, and showed them where the big litter boxes are, so they know their way a bit around the downstairs area. Not that they're interested in any of that when I'm in the living room, but when I'm somewhere else, they just want to be near me! Then I went upstairs, and I heard Toby meow for me, but well, at times I'm busy, so as long as the meows don't go all out panic-mode I'm now not always replying straight away anymore. I hope he'll learn that he's okay, also when I'm not right next to him :) But Toby didn't agree on that tactic, haha! When I came out of the bedroom, Toby was there! :o I walked into another room and it didn't take long before Belle was upstairs too! What happened to those tiny, oh so dependent baby-kittens! They're 5 1/2 weeks now, they eat, they use the litter boxes, and apparently they can now climb the stairs too! I did feel it was a bit too soon for them on the stairs though, their jumping and landing skills ain't good yet, and I don't want to risk them playing on the stairs and falling down. But it was good that they were upstairs, because I fixed the kittenroom for them earlier, so I went there and called for them. They came to me, checked out the room, I showed them the litter boxes, and I also added some items from downstairs that smell like them, so the room feels a bit familiar already. Tonight they'll spend their first night there, but after that first exploring, I took them down again, and they've been in the living room ever since, because I am too :D

Toby shows how tiny he is (21-8)

Toby on my lap

Little fluffy Belle

This was the first time they started to walk around there, to really check things out a bit :)


But it didn't take long before they came to me :)

I sat on the ground, leaning on my lower arms, trying to make pictures of them. But I had to use the front camera of my phone , because they came to sit and play between my arms, haha!

Toby's cute little paw :)

I have a small, fuzzy blanket on my desk, for Sue to lie on when she wants to join me, but when I put Toby there he loved it as well!

Together in the basket. They still enjoy it, especially Toby, but Belle also found some other basket that she likes a lot. And Toby likes to be near Belle, so since a day or 2, he's been with her more in that basket :)

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