Thursday, July 30, 2015

Munchy and Dewey! Hmm... but wait a minute...

Dewdew is really fond of Poppy and he often goes to wash her when she's snoozing somewhere, and I noticed a few times last few days that he joined her in the basket under the table (clumsy because 'oh boy, it's my basket and now she's there, how does this work!'). Today Munchy and Nala were snoozing together in that basket and then I looked their way and saw Nala on the carpet right outside the basket. Huh, why wasn't she snoozing in the basket? I went in for a closer look...

Dewey is there! But what's wrong with Munchy's body, that doesn't look right :o

Lets see from the other side.... those ain't Munchy's legs :O

After poking around a bit, creating some space, I could finally see the rest of Poppy, it's surprising she could even breathe, lol! You can see her white chin and a bit of her nose below Munchy's paw :)

I've rarely seen Dewey join a kitten for snoozes like he does with Poppy, and I think Munchy and Nala just happened to be there when he wanted to join Poppy. He doesn't ever join them, like with almost all kittens (I can only recall a few moments where he slept with fosters). But Poppy? She's something special :)

I pushed the basket down a bit and oh, that ain't charming Poppy! :O I took Nala to a more comfy spot where she continued snoozing, I guess she felt that 4 in that basket was too much :)

I have a built in closet upstairs, where I store some large things as well, and Dewey likes to sleep there. But because of those items, I can't see him when he's there! So when I'm not sure where he is, I poke my head inside the closet and call for him, to which he usually replies with a sleepy variation of his prrprr sounds ♥ But the other day I couldn't find Poppy either, so I went upstairs, and heard the closet purring (Poppy) and soft washing sounds (Dew washing her). Yep, it's good that she has an owner, else Dew might've adopted her himself, haha!

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