Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Playing with dad - part II

Here's more of those action shots!

Nice sliding there, Nala :D

Munchy wanted to play as well, but chasing that toy in the air wasn't an option, so she just went for Nala instead!

Dad let her play with the toy as well

Look at that stealthy jump in front of the plant, haha! :O

Some of these pics look almost like they're dancing or some :P

Nala had a small break with a valeriantoy

Shortly after, she couldn't resist that flying toy anymore!

Dad took the green toy in his other hand for Munchy

I have to say, thanks to all the medication that I had to give I didn't get to bond as much with the sisters as I would've liked, but it was so nice to see these sweeties so enthusiastic and fearless in their play there! Quite a change from a couple weeks ago ♥

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