Friday, August 21, 2015

Eating, playing, sleeping!

Last Tuesday I gave them some warmed canned food, so they could get used to the smell a bit, and slowly get interest in food. Or so I thought... :O Toby started eating straight away, Belle needed a bit of guidance (she kept biting the edge of the plate, lol), and they enjoyed their first meal at 3.5 weeks old :)

I have a towel on the floor near the bench now, my floor is a bit slippery for them, and well, a towel also helps to keep my floor clean. Look a those paws! :D

After that I sat on the floor with them and they joined me for snoozes, cuddles and playing! Here's Belle, using my hand as a pillow


Belle washing her paw/my hand

Toby just loves lying upside down!

He was sleeping here :D

But they haven't forgotten about the basket either!

And they still love their bottles as well :) When Belle isn't as hungry now, she's chewing a bit more on it and drinking like that, not actually drinking as much by suckling. But she's eating from the canned food when I offer them some, while Toby has decided that he does like the smell and some occasional eating, but prefers the bottle for now. And boy, is he growing, oh my! Last night Belle was 427 and Toby a whopping 471 grams :o

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