Monday, August 17, 2015

Toby and Belle

The kittens are doing great, I can see them improve and grow every day, and the weightscale shows it too! Last Wednesday evening Toby was 299 grams and Belle 266g, last night (Sunday) Toby was 377g and Belle 355g. Here are some random pics from the last few days:

Friday morning playing

I wore a basic dress wich is pleated around the waistband, and quickly found out that Toby thought it might have a nipple in that pleated area. He searched a lot while being relaxed and purring (not the frustrated, meowing searching), so I wore the dress a bit more often and also just had it on my lap, so he could hopefully calm down with it and feel less of that need to search so much

He also liked it during night, and when I put him back in the cage, he continued suckling on the basket. Those moments do seem to help him, combined with the age where they start to discover more, he's not searching on me nearly as much anymore :)

Here's their cage, to give you an idea of how that looks. The towel is now half off most of the time, but I do keep it on the back, to give them that cozy feeling

And here's what's inside :)

They both drink ok, especially Toby knows better now how to get a good hold of the bottle and drink from it, but they both have moments where they chew more on the bottle and drink like that. I'm doing my best to guide them to drink in the right way, have found a few little tricks that often work, and having them both on my lap helps as well. But I don't want to learn them that there's competition for food though, so I start with 1 at a time, and I don't want them to try and take over the bottle either, they both deserve a peaceful meal :) They also start to recognize the bottle more now, and they try to get a hold of the tip themselves more often now too! It's gonna be a lot easier when they can just grab it themselves when I'm holding the bottle :)

Here's Belle drinking, she likes to sit a bit more upright

And Toby

I love his drinking face, when he gets it right in his mouth, you see this surprised, excited and happy 'Ohh! Ohh! I got it!' look on his face, and he can look a little cross-eyed then too :D

I was wearing the pink version of that dress, so if the other one gets dirty, this one's ready for them :)

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