Monday, August 31, 2015

A box and cookie cutters!

Toby and Belle started to show a little interest in climbing, so I gave them a box with a bunch of holes and a basket inside it, to help them reach a little higher from the inside. It didn't take long before they enjoyed it! But I haven't really seen them on top of it yet though, and these pictures are from 5 days ago, so it's not like they haven't had time to discover things. That shows again that even such tiny kitties can have different personalities already, I've had kittens that were way more into exploring and climbing at such a young age already!

They did discover something else, eating! Oh, the mess they make of themselves, Toby looks pretty decent here still... :O

And following a toy is interesting too, as usual Belle was first to learn (although it's Toby on this photo)

Belle wanted to cuddle with me, in my neck and on my chest, which ment I had to hold her. But I wanted to game a little, so I tucked her in my shirt to hold her in place like that, which worked great :D Not that it helped though, I was so distracted by that cutie snoozing on me that I just sat there going awwh!

I have various activity boards and puzzles for my cats, they're an excellent way to mentally stimulate and challenge a cat, or to get an overweight cat to work a little for his food. You can buy special boards, craft them from various household items, or simply use items that you have in the house, like this cookie cutter set! Start with something easy and build it up slowly (so it never gets frustrating and the cat can learn it) - unless you're 2 kittens discovering something like this :O This set was there for Dewey, although he didn't mind their help, with them fishing out a bunch of the cutters his task became a lot easier!

They look like trouble here, haha!

Belle wanted to cuddle again...

But Toby wanted to play! So he climbed on top and attacked her :)

They're still getting bottles as well :) Not because they need it to grow, because they eat food now as well, but to help them with their suckling needs. But nowadays the bottles are on normal times during the day ;)

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