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Munchy ♥

Here's a post I wished I never had to write...

Munchy ✝ 6 August 2015

As we discussed in the last meeting with the shelter and the vet, I filmed Munchy in action, so the vet could get a good idea of the strength in Munchy's left leg. Unfortunately it showed that the neurological disorder also affected her left leg too much, to a point where an amputation of the worse right leg wasn't an option. And keeping the right leg wasn't an option either, she already had a mark on her leg from the dragging which kept getting worse, while she was still a small kitten. The right leg was also in a bad position often and just in her way, it pulled her out of balance, and she had accidents on the litter box as well. Munchy couldn't really jump either, if she wanted to get up high she used her front legs. Her backlegs also failed her completely at times, like when she was tired and wanted to climb in a scratchingpole, they occasionally just dangled below her. But Munchy was fast with getting in the scratchingpoles, even when it was just with her front legs, and as all cats, she could hide it all so well so it didn't show as much. If you saw her, you'd see a happy, playful and sweet kitten, you wouldn't straight away see a kitten that couldn't even jump.

But my video showed enough for the vet to decide that euthanasia was the best choice here, which I fully understand. I hoped the vet's professional view would be different, but I already feared the worst when I send the vid. The filming and editing took quite a bit of energy, and of course I wanted to send an honest vid, but knowing that I had to show them the worst moments as well, was quite hard. The vet replied when she saw the vid, and she didn't literally say it yet (I get involved, but I'm not the one making such decisions nor is it my cat, so she wanted to talk to the shelter's manager first), but I already sensed what the outcome was. That was Tuesday evening, and Wednesday I got it confirmed.
I know that the vet would have given Munchy a chance if she could, she would've done all she could, if she would've felt that it had a chance of success, a chance on a catworthy life. It helps me to know that letting go of Munchy had a strong medical reason. I'm very sad about it all, but at the same time, I am glad for how it all went (with the discussing parts and such, and the support of a staff member in particular). Munchy really got every chance, which she took as much as she could, and we (the shelter staff, the vet and myself) all agreed on this decision.

Munchy was in a very bad position when they found her and brought her to the vet, and this brave, little hero conquered almost all: she was skinny and had a bad case of the cat flu (her eyes were shut from all the dirt), she had worms, maggots in her tiny body and injured legs. Mentally she improved as well, she could purr loud and cuddle from her very first day with me, but she learned over time how it works to actually get attention and get petted (and that you shouldn't bite in those petting fingers then!), and I cuddled her a lot more on her last day here. She was incredibely sweet, happy and enthusiastic, and she loved humans, but unfortunately her little body just couldn't offer her the life she so deserved to have. She got to experience what it's like to be kitten, in a home where she was warm, safe and loved. Now she's in catheaven, and gets to experience what it's like to jump, run with all 4 legs, and just be completely healthy <3

Munchy also learned that you don't straight away have to wake up and get active when someone is nearby, it's ok to slack!

On her last morning she got a whole plate of canned food, all for herself, and while the sisters stayed upstairs with their own plate, Munchy got some 1 on 1 playtime.

But this sweety was much more interested in me... :(

I was sitting on the floor (my hair is on the left), trying to take some last pics of her, but she kept coming to me ♥ I think this is one of my favorite pics of her, it's not a sharp photo but she looks so innocent and sweet.

I also took this basket with plants, it was already in need of some tlc before the latest fosters, but then those 3 came and just wouldn't leave it alone! That kittens occasionally slap a plant, ah so be it, but this thing... Ohh boy :D On her last morning, she got to go nuts with it, and she did, haha. Here she's fully sitting on top of it

The shelter asked me how and when I wanted things to take place, but I already had Thursday morning in mind for a visit to the vet for about 2 weeks, and I really didn't want to plan another day. I found it very hard with my sweet Bindi to pick a day and time to let her pass away, and I didn't want to do that again now. I did want to be with Munchy for the whole thing, it was the last thing I could do for her.
Because I don't have a drivers license, the shelter's manager came to pick us up Thursday morning, and drove us to the shelter, where the vet would be that morning. When I caged Munchy, it also showed again why that right leg couldn't stay, yet another litter box accident, with feces and litter box filling stuck to her leg. We cleaned her up and while we were waiting for the vet, she got to play and chew on my fingers, and I also had her on my lap for a while and cuddled her some more.

All kittens get a little blanket from me, it stays in my house until they leave, so they have an item with a familiar scent with them. I couldn't imagine keeping Munchy's blanket, so she got to take it with her.

After the vet gave her the anesthethic, she fell asleep on my lap, on her blanket with her head resting on my hand, while I petted her. Then we joined the vet again, who gave her the final injection. Munchy passed away peacefully, and it was special to me to be there with the vet that intitally saved her life, after which I took over from her, and together we had let Munchy feel what it's like to be a loved kitten. It's a very sweet vet, and we took the time and spoke about it all, after which we wrapped her in the blanket. For that last part of her passing, I couldn't have asked for anything else. After this I got a ride home, and spend the last moments with Nala and Poppy, who got picked up about 2 hours later. It was an intense morning, but I'm grateful I got to be a part of her journey.

Goodbye sweet little girl, you're missed, but for me you're not gone, you're just somewhere else :) ♥

Update: I already mentionned the support of a staff member in particular, but she really surprised me the other day. I received a card in my mailbox, and when I opened it, I saw Munchy... It was a card from this staff member, which she personally send me (not on behalf of the shelter), with a very sweet text that straight away brought me to tears. Munchy was special to her as well, and this was such a kind gesture of her (thanks again, dear!). I'll keep the text to myself, but she really hit the nail on the head with it. It was beautiful, and I didn't have any pictures of Munchy (I have a picture of every kitten on a wall here, but I haven't added Munchy, Poppy and Nala yet), so that made it even more special. I added her card to the board in my kitchen, so now Munchy is where she loved to be: the place where food appears! :)

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