Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sleeping in the basket part III

Yes, one more post with basket pics! :$

They were sleeping apart but slowly moved towards each other, Toby on the right

And here they switched positions

I haven't looked closely at their mouths, but yesterday I quickly spotted a teeny-tiny canine tooth in Belle's mouth :) And here's Toby showing his mini-teeth!

Toby got a bit restless so I placed him next to his sister, and that worked like a charm. They're so attached to each other! I also don't let one of them in the cage when I feed the other, as soon as the caged one then wakes up, he/she will start to meow for the other one. So both awake = both out, which can add a little challenge to feeding and stimulating, haha!

And after that I moved the whole basket with them in it, to the bench :)

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