Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sleeping in the basket part I

Saturday seemed a little too early for the bench, but I did want to increase their world a little, so on Sunday I covered my carpet with towels, added a basket from the bench and fed them on the floor. They found it all quite interesting, but sleeping in the basket? Not when I'm near! They kept coming back to me, aww! Usually they go to sleep after a bottle, but they kept being near me, so I went to sit right next to the basket (I was sitting less than half a meter away, I guess more like 30cm, but that was too far apparently :) ). And that did the trick, yay! They slept and snoozed there for quite some time, and eventually I picked up the basket with kittens, and placed it in the bench. And they were fine with that :) Yesterday I removed a couple of items from the bench, it's not scary anymore so I wanted to make that cozy place a bit larger, so they have more space to walk there as well. They were relaxed in the bench the whole day, with breaks in between where they walked around outside of it when I was near. As far as you can call that walking at least... :O When I stood up and walked away, even if it was just a tiny bit, they'd just sit there, stopped moving and fairly quickly started to meow (and I quickly joined them again of course, poor babies!). Same went for yesterday, but Belle already improved a lot with that today! I hope they'll soon feel comfortable and safe enough in that big living room to be okay with me not sitting with them the whole time. But they're making so much progress now, I don't think it'll take that long :) Anyway, I made a LOT of pics when they were in the basket on the floor, I think I'll spread it over a bunch of posts. I just couldn't sort it further, they're so cute, how to choose! :$

Checking out the basket, their little home (travelling cage) is right behind it

Belle walking towards me, look at her little tail! :L

Toby's eyes look a little too dark here, they're still more blue, he was checking out my camera :)

Milk moustache!

Toby is still looking at the camera, not realizing his sister is after him...

Impressive attack you got there, Belle! :D

"I could go in this basket, but I'd rather be with you"

So I sat next to the basket (stripe of black pants on the left), and that worked :)


Toby cuddling with an suckling on the dress

They're learning that cuddles are nice, especially Belle can enjoy them a lot! She's the more relaxed one, but when she gets active, she's also quite adventurous as she showed this morning! She wobblywalked to a few new spots in the living room, all by herself, little brave one :)

Toby sleeping 

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