Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Crochet in the sun

I had Poppy on my desk and it didn't take long before she found this blanket (it's ment for in a window, but Sue likes it on my desk as well) and started suckling on it

I added Nala who went for her usual suckling spot, Poppy's belly

The other day I was crocheting on the couch, and they all joined me. Munchy went for snoozes on my arm (how convenient! :D )

While Poppy discovered the bag with the balls of cotton

While I was taking pictures of Poppy, my phone combined with the sun gave a moving reflection on the couch, which Nala found very entertaining!

Poppy then saw the shadow of my hand, and it didn't take long before she attacked my shadow :D

Munchy shows the cute little bearheads under her backlegs :)

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