Friday, August 21, 2015

Toby found a new basket & Belle playing in my arms

Right, first things first, a little update :) Toby and Belle are doing great, they're starting to eat canned food (especially Belle likes it), I'll share more of that soon! Belle has also discovered the litter box, and yesterday she peed on it for the first time, but that wasn't enough for her. During the day she peed there 3 times already, and poo'd there as well! This little girl is growing up fast! ^_^ And yes, I was cheering on the inside when I saw those litter box moments, haha! Toby hasn't shown as much interest in food and the litter box yet, he's really a little mama's boy :) It also shows when they're walking around, Belle might meow at times for a little confirmation, Toby quickly goes to panic-meows when he doesn't see or hear me. And they tend to follow me around, so then he's all of a sudden in the kitchen, wondering where I went! I blocked the doorway to the rest of the house this morning, so they can no longer leave the living room.
The bench is open for most of the day, but they consider it a nice place to sleep as well, so they're there often. I think I might keep them there during night from now on (until they're a bit older and can go to the kittenroom), I had doubts about that last night already. The travelling cage is quite small now for them, and it doesn't have a litter box or food either, so it's less ideal for Belle. But Toby still needs me for his litter box needs and for food, so what to do? I chose for my own sleep last night, kept them near me for an easy early morning bottle :)
Dewey is showing a little more interest now, he's sniffing longer and the other day one of them moved towards him, which he reacted to by a prr sound, a silly, playful jump and then he raced outside, all cuckoo :D I hope he'll start to care more for them in the next week or so, he's more used to kittens of 5+ weeks old, and Toby and Belle are 4 weeks today.

These photos are from last Monday. I bought this basket ages ago, but my cats and previous foster kittens didn't show any interest in it (or were scared of it even), candy and catnip didn't help. So I had it on the attic, but it's so soft and fluffy and cozy and warm - seriously, I'd be all over it if I had such a basket! - that I had hopes that Toby and Belle would like it. I placed it on its side, since it's quite a high basket and they'd never be able to get it, and it didn't take too long before the kittens discovered it. Belle was a bit impressed by it at first and checking it all out...

While Toby was loving it straight away!

She could get out of the basket if she wanted to, but she didn't until I gave her my hand, then she quickly came to her safe person :)

Toby on the other hand, didn't have any plans of leaving the basket! To give you an idea, he wasn't even fully in here, lol! If they're in the back completely, they kinda end up between the bottom of the basket and those thick, fluffy sides, and I can't even see them then if I lift the side up. Then I need to fish with my hands for kittens to see if they're in there! :O

While Toby was snoozing in the basket, Belle was having fun with her paws :)

Then she spotted the camera above her head!

And the cameracord :) But they're still so little, that following such a small cord is very hard for them, not to mention trying to grab it :D

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