Friday, August 14, 2015

Playing and discovering paws!

During the night I had the towel partially off their cage, which went fine, but I noticed this morning that I do need to take it easy with that. The little boy wakes up easier (which makes full sense of course), but then he can get a little upset, and we don't want that! So after that I fully covered the cage after their bottle, to get a good sleep first, and I'll take it away a little when it's around feeding time. Or maybe the other way around, whatever they show works best for them :)

Last night the male also looked closely at my face (like he was taking it all in), it's clear that their sight is improving, and this morning he saw Dewey. And he tried to hiss over and over, aww! Dew must've looked like a giant to him, but needless to say, Dewdew wasn't impressed :O Dew isn't showing interest in them, I'm sure that'll come when they smell, look and act more like kittens instead of babycats. He did start to reply to their meows a little here and there, this morning I was still in bed and had the cage next to me, and they made a few little 'iew iew!' sounds, then I heard replies from the built-in closet in the hallway, soft and sleepy prr prr sounds, aww :)

I also clipped their nails a little this morning, those claws were getting way too long! And when I gave the latest bottle, they actually snoozed shortly on me after, oh my heart just melted, so precious ♥ I didn't expect that step yet, normally they're so busy with searching for a nipple that it gets them restless to just be on my lap (they look adorable of course, but they're not at a cuddly age yet, rest and bottles works way better!). But hey, if one starts to snooze while the other is finishing the bottle, and then joins the snoozing, I won't complain :$ They both found a nice spot and stayed with me for a short while :)

Here's some play-action. Most of it goes in slow motion, but they can be fast I noticed, with those front paws! But first, time for a bottle :)

Yeah, those nails were getting way too long!

The girl on the right went for his paw

I don't think she was fully sure either what to do with it after she got it in her mouth :D

She was the more relaxed one in the first few days, now it's evening out a bit more, but it happened several times that she was playing and discovering her own paws while he was drinking

And if that's not enough, here's a short vid with more of that ^_^

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