Saturday, August 8, 2015

Poppy and Nala have moved

Last Thursday the girls got picked up by their owner (who spoiled me, that was so kind and thoughtful! If you happen to read this, thanks again! :) ), and here are the last thoughts and moments that I didn't share yet.

One of the last times Dewey and Poppy were snoozing together

To make their story complete: one of the things I forgot in an earlier post was the bad-leg-day! A couple of weeks ago, Nala was limping a little, but it didn't seem too serious and I could touch and feel her leg, so I waited for a bit to see if it would improve, which it did. A few hours later, all seemed to be fine. The next day however, she was limping a little again, but so was Poppy, who wouldn't even stand on her leg! :o Both of them had an issue with a front leg, so strange! And especially Poppy slept a lot that day. But again, there wasn't anything wrong with their legs as far as I could feel, and they acted fine besides some more sleeping. It just seemed like they both had an unfortunate jump or something. I decided to put up a bench again to give them benchrest overnight (them in a room with Munchy and climbing objects didn't feel like the best idea) and of course I had contact with someone from the shelter as well. Their temperature was fine and the next day they were annoyed with me for locking them up in a near empty bench, but besides that, they looked as if nothing ever happened, phew! :)

However, a while later it happened again, this time just with Poppy, who had 2 sore front legs, poor thing. I put her on my bed, which she liked, and after discussing with the shelter again (her temp was again fine), I gave her some painkillers for cats. It didn't take long before those kicked in and she felt better within no time, and that was the last time I noticed anything about them. We already knew there was a herpes virus going on that affected the joints, and the vet confirmed later that the sisters could possibly have it as well. But because they didn't have any serious issues besides a sore leg twice, with quite some time in between, we just left it at that. The shelter of course did inform the new owner that they could possibly have that (the 2nd time it happened with Poppy I didn't forget to post it, that was on purpose, the shelter wanted to inform the owner themselves. And else she maybe would've read it here which wouldn't have been nice for her :) ). Having said all that, if there would've been something more serious about them, or serious doubts about what was going on with those little legs, we would of course take them to the vet! It just felt to me more like they made a bad jump or some, like kittens might do at times, it was just strange they both had it :) All in all it seemed like a small thing for them, but you sure can worry about them at such moments! >.<

Even though they got really tired of the earcleaner, they both kept improving, and especially Poppy enjoyed walking and sitting on me on those last moments here. She also gave me a goodbye-gift, I sat in their room with them on the last morning, wearing a dress, and had my legs up. She thought it was a good idea to jump on my knee... I have some nice nailprints of her now, ouch! And all I could think was 'oh noes, I scared her when I reacted!', haha! I think their owner will have 2 wonderful cats when they all get used to each other, I for one sure enjoyed their stay and I'm glad I got to be a part of it all :) Especially Nala purring, and those precious moments with Dewey and Poppy, and Poppy's silly positions, and them coming when I called for them, and and and... :D Ahh, I do miss them, but yay for another success story!

I wanted to send their owner a photo the day before they got picked up, it took a toy (a strip of paper) and a lucky shot, but somehow it worked out... a split second after both were off the couch :D

Here's the one I send her, the note says '1 more night!'

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