Friday, August 21, 2015

A bunch of random pics

Last Tuesday I noticed that the bench has a slightly wider space near the door, and wondered if it wouldn't be too big. That evening I learned that was indeed the case, I had the kittens in the bench and when I looked at it, I saw Belle halfway out, wiggling around to get the rest of her body through, haha! I pulled her through and she went to discover (I think that was the first time she really went a bit further as well), and took some metal wire to close those gaps. That gap was 3.5cm wide, to give you an idea. They've grown a lot, and are quickly turning into mini-cat-kittens instead of baby-kittens, but that showed they're still so small! These photos are all from last Wednesday :)

Toby at the bottom

This was really early in the morning. I'm not sure if I shared this already, but I stopped their midnight bottle, and instead now just give a bottle late at night and then another very early again. They still enjoy playing in the basket :)

Belle shows why my laundry machine is used a LOT at the moment xD

And Toby is still loving that basket... :D Unfortunately one had a peeing accident in it, and I washed it this morning. But it's way too big for my laundry machine, and it didn't get out nearly as much water as it should :( I have it outside now, there's some sun here and there, and I really hope it'll dry that way...

Belle is the bigger eater - when it comes to canned food at least! But Toby does like it at times as well, and then it looks like this :)

Blurry, but it's still clear what a mess they can make, haha! :D

Toby's showing his food-face, and look at Belle go in the back! :O

Toby on the left. Belle looks like the bigger one, she has poofy kittenfur while Toby's fur is already quite smooth, and Toby's face is a little more pointy. But the weightscale clearly shows that she's the little sister!


Belle in the back

If my memory doesn't fail me, it's Belle on the left. So hard to see when they go like this! :D

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