Tuesday, August 4, 2015

On top of the scratchingpole!

Poppy and Nala have no problem getting on top of the high scratchingpole, but it's more challenging for Munchy. And it seems that the bigger she gets, the harder it gets, because she can't easy climb up certain spots cause she's getting too big to fit there It requires more jumping, and she can't really do that... :( But she had a few days where she was often on top! She was sleeping there, but of course she quickly got up when I approached her...

Yep, she's learning that hands are for cuddles, not for biting, and that cuddles are nice!

Nala likes the hanging basket a lot

While Poppy prefers this basket! I have some blankets in this basket and in the one under the table, they're small little blankets that I get for each kitten and they get to take it home. I hope it'll help them adjust quickly there :)

As usual, Munchy couldn't resist joining me and sat next to me while I was petting Poppy

I had a product for review and Munchy and Nala quickly got involved :)

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