Monday, August 31, 2015

Time to catch up!

Yep, I'm far behind again... :) I had a busy period, but that doesn't mean I didn't take photos of the kittens! The pictures in this post are from 20-8 and up.

Sue sniffing Belle, she looked pretty calm here and is fine with the kittens being near her, but if they touch her... >.<

When they're this young, they don't care much about how they're being held and roll around in your arms and hands, as Toby shows here. I was standing up, and held him up straight, but he preferred lying on his back :)

And holding with 1 hand? No problem!

Belle sniffed a catnip toy, they don't react to it like adults do, but with some kittens it's clear they do smell something more than just a toy

Belle sleeping :)

That big, fluffy basket is still a hit! In the last week or so they improved their cat skills by a lot, and they're often playing now as well. Sometimes they're way too rough, but luckily they have each other, so they can teach each other when they're playing too hard.

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