Monday, August 31, 2015

What's this, a mouse?

Belle on my lap :)

Yeah, I'm not getting much done in my house when they go like this! :L

Toby after his bottle, rolling around on my legs/feet

I gave Belle a toy mouse, she's the first with most things and I thought she might like it. There's plenty toys around the house, but before this time they were simply too little to show any interest!

At first she wasn't sure, but she did start to play a little with it

Toby was wondering what his little sis was up to...

Okay, nevermind that toy, there's Toby!

And tired afterwards :)

They both seemed to like the small blanket that I have on my desk, so I gave them another one (they're ment for windowsills) and it's clear they approve :) Here's Toby on it

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