Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Snoozing in bed with me

My cats are allowed in the bedroom, and I don't want to close off too much of their space when the kittens are around, so there usually comes a point where that room is also open for kittens. And especially Poppy loves it! If I have 2 kittens downstairs and I'm not sure where Poppy is, the chance is big that she's sleeping on my bed, like a little princess :D

She's more and more sleeping all curled up, like a real minicat, instead of her previous funky positions!

But she's clearly still a kitten :) The silver parts of her hairs are becoming more obvious, and the vet confirmed she's a black tabby. Here you can see the pattern on her side a bit, seems she's a blotched/marbled tabby.

So cute! :L

I wasn't feeling too well, so went to bed for a bit, and it didn't take long before all 3 joined me. But so did Sue, she claimed her spot on my lap :) Nala was behind my feet at first, but she carefully went for my legs, while keeping an eye on Sue. Sue knows the sisters have respect for her, and so she was fine with that.

Sue stretched out, Nala was getting very close...

Nala's face clearly show she knew well that she was in a dangerous spot there, haha! But Sue was ok with her :)

Munchy on the other hand... She wanted to be near me, and instead of walking all the way around Sue, she just passed her on the right, where there was very little space. Sue and Dewey still aren't tolerating her as much (caused by how she acted in the first couple of weeks), and Munchy took a hit there. But that didn't matter much to her, she reached me :)
She didn't find any peace for the first period, but now that's coming more and more, so she was calm enough to snooze with me. It then also became clear that some of her nibbles are nipplesearching, but unfortunately for her, my clothes, my nose, my fingers, nothing gives milk :( This ended up with her snoozing under the blankets on me, such a precious moment! I also had a moment like that with Poppy later on, they both sure do like the warm blankets!

Here Munchy found a spot behind my feet again. Poppy is snoozing on her caught prey, a keychain (I use that for my crochet work in progress, to secure where I stopped). She fished it out of the bag with my work :D

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