Monday, August 17, 2015

Playing in their cage

Saturday afternoon, Toby and Belle were playing together in their travelling cage, and here are some pictures of that. The quality isn't as good, phonecamera, but it still gives an idea :)

Toby wondered if my hand was a fun thing to play with as well

I really wish this pic was sharp, because it captured them so well! This is such a typical Toby/Belle face :)

But playing is also fun in the middle of the night! This pic was taken on Sunday, 02:26 to be precise, Toby is sleepy (he had his eyes closed, else I'd be careful with the flash, not sure if that would bug them but I can imagine it does) and Belle is attacking his paw :) Who needs a bottle when you can play as well!

And Sunday morning, another playful moment on my bed! I do let them pee before letting them on the bed and off the towels, I don't wanna risk that, haha! Toby still needs help to pee, but Belle usually just lets go of it now (that and the milk stains make for a lot of laundry!). Which was another reason why I wanted to try to get them used to the bench, it has a kitten litter box as well :)

Toby likes to climb up to my neck, but he doesn't have full control of his little body yet, which gives these kinda images :D

Belle, relaxed as always :)

Toby is the adventurer or the 2, here he's on the couch (mainly to redo my hair, in search of a nipple, haha)

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