Monday, August 17, 2015

In the bench for the first time

The bottles during night went fine and fast, until last Friday. Especially Toby was way more interested in walking around on my bed that night, and playing with his sister! So I felt it might be a good time to introduce them to the bench to increase their space. I added a box to the sides and back of the bench, to give it a cozy feeling, not as big and open. And I took a big basket and placed it on its side, it's very soft and fluffy, so I thought it might be nice for them to be able to crawl away in that basket. I pushed a small basket in between the cardboard and that basket, so they couldn't easily get lost behind the big basket, and added a little fleeceblanket that already had a bit of their scent. I also added a basket from my cats (so they smell a bit more like them, and get used to their scent as well) and my dress that had my scent and that Toby liked so much, and I hoped that it would all make them feel comfortable and safe.

Dewey is showing a little more interest in them (although it doesn't take long on those moments, I'm sure that'll come), Toby still tries to hiss when he's in their cage, but when I'm with him, he's more interested in Dew as well

Toby on the right

Based on their looks, you'd think Belle (left) is the bigger one, but she's not, she's just a little poofy ^_^

Toby on the left

Especially Toby showed interest in the big basket

Belle at the front

Even though they showed interest, I think it was a bit too soon, and last few days I noticed how attached they are to me already. So what do you do when you're a bit scared? You go to your safe person, and when I stick out my hand, they'll come to my hand, especially when they're in the bench and in their cage ♥



After that whole new experience, it was time for a bottle again, and after that they went to sleep in their cage. They weren't in the bench for long, but it was enough for that first day! It's so amazing to see them and their interest grow! On Saturday it felt a bit too soon, but yesterday (Sunday) they took some huge steps forward with being out of their cage, but more on that soon :)

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